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Nov 29, 2009 07:59 PM

Electrolux 30" dual-fuel freestanding range - big thumbs up!

I just spent my first five days cooking on my new Electrolux 30" dual-fuel range, and I could not possibly be happier about its performance so far.

The biggest pros: The continuous cast-iron grates with five intelligently-placed burners. The dual ovens, which seem to hold temperatures perfectly. The controls, which are so easy to understand you don't really have to read the manual. The oven racks, which are on ball bearings and slide so far out that you can lift heavy dishes easily and safely as possible. It's very easy to clean, with an enameled pan below the grates, which lift completely out of the way.

Negatives as of now? Only two I can think of: The front-right high output/low simmer burner certainly goes from super-high to super-low, but there isn't a huge amount of throw in the knob in going from highest output to medium. It also takes a little bit of time to ignite, which can be a bit disconcerting. I've learned already you just have to trust that it WILL ignite, though with a fairly big flame. I'll call Electrolux tomorrow and make sure mine's working properly.

Also, the second, smaller oven is a drawer at the bottom of the range, which means you have to put dishes and lift them out from pretty much directly above. That means the backs of your hands may accidentally hit the hot sides of the drawers. I'm ordering a pair of Ove Gloves to protect my hands. This one is unavoidable, and I hesitate to call it a negative per se. It's more of a caution. Since its performance is so good, I imagine I will be using this small oven much more often than the large one in everyday one-dish cooking.

I am so, so, so, so glad I didn't spend three times the money on a bigger "pro-style" range, most of which come only in stainless -- which is not for me. If this one could get me through Thanksgiving so wonderfully, I can't imagine needing any more in the future.

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  1. I have the same "issue" with the high/low burner: takes a while to ignite, but then starts up with a big flame/miniature explosion. Glad I'm not the only one (and it's really not a big deal), but when you called Electrolux, did they confirm that it's the way it's supposed to turn on?

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      Actually, no -- they sent out a replacement part. It's just the metal ring that you remove to clean it. Popped the new one on (they actually sent a technician -- no need for that) and now the center part of the burner ignites first. Sounds like yours has the same issue mine did.

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        Aha, thanks for letting me know. Bought mine around the same time you got yours, so I guess I'll call my appliance shop and have them order the replacement (or did you have good luck calling Electrolux directly?)

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          Called Electrolux. Couldn't have been more helpful!

    2. I only wish I had gas. But alas, I don't have the choice. But - just to follow the Electrolux, I do have an electric Electrolux range and I love it. But, would give my eye-teeth for gas. And the roll-out grills - OMG - fantastic! (BTW - have the Dishwasher too. So quiet!)

      1. My electric oven just died and I am ready to spend $850 to run our iquid propane line so that we can purchase a dual fule free standing range. I fell in in love with the Electrolux dual fuel freestanding ($2,399) and was also considering the GE Profile 30" Dual Fuel ($1,979) until I signed up for consumer report and read online reviews. Each has about 13 reviews and half on each brand are really bad. Would love to hear more reviews about either brand from this forum. Also, any other recommendations....need something in white. Thanks in advance.

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          The important difference between Electrolux and GE is that if you have a serious problem, Electrolux will replace your range with a new one. They are the only company who will do that. They are new to the U.S. market and want you to be happy. We were told this today by three different appliance stores we visited.

        2. I'm interested to know how your Electrolux DF range has held up after a year. Any issues with flaking enamel in the beautiful blue oven walls or issues with the fancy wavetouch features?