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Nov 29, 2009 07:57 PM

New favorite bakery, W. Seattle

Bakery Nouveau

We have a new favorite. For comparison sake, I will tell you that Ballard Besalou has been our 1st favorite for so long, while still up there, this is our new found gem!

Yummy VERY thick yeasty crusted Sicilian style pizza, other thin pizzas (spicy pork, specialties, pepperoni, meatball, vegetarian, etc.). For dessert Hubby had a chocolate croissant, and not your typical boring filled croissant, this was to die for-doubly baked. I have never liked Stollen, but now I'm a fan and cannot wait to place a special order for the holidays!

Not much inside seating, 5 tables seating only 4-but pretty generous for bakery, and if you dont mind sharing a table. 3 Outside tables seating 2.

Menu Items we seen; Crusty, yeasty, chewy breads, various prepared foods; sandwiches, quiche, lots of thin and thick crusted pizzas, already made and waiting for you to select a slice (not greasy, these are specialty), chocolates, other various baked goods and coffee.

Be warned, a "tall" coffee or chai is only a 12oz. Lines exist but go fast, sufficient and friendly staff. You can see into the large and ver clean kitchen. A little spendy, but worth the price. Lots of goodies, please give them a try! I cant wait to go back, and we take the W. Seattle Alki ferry from Port Orchard.

Check it out!

1 Croissant, 1 Stollen, 3 very large pizza squares, 1 coffee, 1 chai latte = $31

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I found this place last year. I make treks every once in a while to eat thier twice baked croissant.

    1. Definitely good stuff. Hey, he's got the Coupe du Monde, can't argue with that. I have had a few not-as-amazing things here and there - a macaron or chocolate with too subtle flavor or doughy pizza, but the croissants bring a tear to the eye. I think I'll go there today! : )

      1. I'm gluten intolerant and don't make gluten exceptions often, but my Bakery Nouveau exception was a very good choice.

        They solved for me the age-old question of "pain au chocolat or almond croissant?" by putting almond paste and chocolate in the SAME CROISSANT. And it was hot out of the oven. Choirs of pastry angels were coming out of that croissant, it was so delicious.

        1. I read on the blog from the website yesterday, they are having an open house Wednesday Dec. 2, from 6-8pm, I love reading the blog! Definitely going to the open house and placing a holiday order.

          1. For the well-heeled among us, they also do custom wedding cakes too. I remember cake shopping for my wife there about 3 years ago and it was close to $4-$5 per person.

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              We are getting our cake there and it is more like $7.50 a person. Totally worth it though.