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Nov 29, 2009 05:57 PM

Xmas Eve dining in CT (Seymour Area)?

Am wondering if anyone knows of a nice spot in the Seymour area that will be open / serving dinner on Christmas Eve? We are looking for something other than fast food.

I know the options are usually severely limited, but some of the privately owned restaurants sometimes will stay open.

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  1. If you'd be willing to drive about 30 minutes to Stratford, Biagio's Osteria may be open Christmas Eve. My visiting family and I had a wonderful dinner there Christmas Eve of last year.

    I found them (open-wise, had heard of them before) through plugging in the Christmas Eve date in Open Table, if that's any help in finding other venues.

    1. What about Restaurant 121 at the Oxford Airport--see if they are open.