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Poll - your favorite ice cream/gelato/yogurt in town

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Just curious to discover new places that have wonderful frozen desserts...
My favorites: Al Gelato on Robertson, 21 choices in Old Town Pasadena, and the several years departed Robin Rose in Venice (best chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream you ever tasted).
Place I wish would just go away (and I know some will disagree): Cold Stone (as ubiquitous and uninteresting as Starbucks for coffee IMO).
Looking forward to your responses!

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  1. Eiger Iced Cream in Brentwood. I had been a number of times and wanted to like it more than I did. Yesterday I asked the owner what was his favorite flavor. He said Chocolate. No chips, fruit, or brownie bits to get in the way of the iced cream. It was rich, thick, deeply almost achingly chocolatey, and not overly sweet. I take my chocolate very seriously and this is the best iced cream I have had anywhere in the world.

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      I have to disagree about Eiger -- I've been going there since it opened and it's just not a quality establishment. It often emits a funny odor and the the customer service leaves much to be desired!! While it's nice to see an independent ice cream shop, Eiger isn't worth it. My recommendation: Bigg Chill fro yo on Olympic at Westwood.

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        That's like comparing apples and filing cabinets. To my taste, Eiger is the best I have ever tasted and the owner couldn't have been more helpful.

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          You owe it to yourself to try Fosselmann's Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. YIKES! Like eating cocoa out of the can.

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        I don't understand how Eiger stays in business. There hardly ever seems to be anyone in there, it is indeed very dirty. service is poor, and it's overpriced. It's the kind of place that you wish would be great, being a local independent place in a little neighborhood, but it just is not very good.

        My vote goes to Fosselmans and the gelato place in Newport Beach.

        You know what I miss? The big huge sundaes they used to serve at east coast places like Friendly's, Brigham's, Bailey's, and Howard Johnson's. Either in large glass cups or silver dishes, with a big silver spoon. Man, those were good. (I've tried similar ones at Ghiradelli, Twohey's, and others but it's not the same.)

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          You can get a sundae like that at Bennett's in the Farmers Market on Fairfax. (NOT Gills, the other ice cream place in there that serves Thrifty Ice Cream).

      3. For gelato, definitely Il Cono on little SM in BH, btn. Beverly & Rodeo: white peach, pineapple, passion fruit, even just strawberry and chocolate.
        For basic fro yo, Angelina on Bedford in BH.
        For fro yo w/mix-ins, Brentwood Yogurt Cafe atop the Brentwood Gardens on San Vicente: sweet vanilla w/cinnamon or tart vanilla w/banana and raspberry. Yum!!!

        1. Massimo's in Venice, on Abbot Kinney.
          Try the mint chocolate chip ice cream or pear sorbet.

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            massimo's is way overrated imho

            1. re: pablo

              Somewhat overrated maybe?

              1. re: Just Larry

                Agreed. Worst chowhound recommendation I ever got. Paradise Creamery in MBeach was under-par, too.

          2. Fosselman's in Alhambra. They have an excellent green tea ice cream. Buster's Coffee in South Pasadena serves Fosselman's also.

            1. I'm a Masti Malone fan. 1525 N. La Brea Ave., (323) 874 -0144.

              Link: http://www.mashti.com/

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                Another vote for Mashti Malone's. The chcolate has a great almost bitter cocoa taste. They also sell the fresh baked round wafers by the bag for ice cream sandwich.

              2. So many choices! This subject was covered quite extensively in some threads last summer (nicely summarized in Chownews Los Angeles #128). Check out this thread:


                Here are some of the top recommendations in terse form:

                Persian and western ice cream:

                Mashti Malone Ice Cream [Hollywood] (My #1, followed by Fosselman's and Al Gelato. YMMV.
                "American" ice cream:
                Fosselman's [Alhambra)
                Dr Bob's Handcrafted Ice Cream [Upland)
                Eiger (disclaimer: although I used to love it, I'm now in the camp that thinks Eiger is overrated, indifferent, often dirty, and way too expensive. Again, YMMV.)
                Twohy's (Pasadena) (highly recommended hot fudge sundae)

                Ambala Dhaba [Westwood and Artesia)

                Mexican ice cream/paletas
                Mercado La Paloma (downtown)
                Tacos La Flama [West LA]
                Mateo's Ice Cream & Fruit Bars [Pico/Crenshaw)
                La Fortuna Mini Market (Mar Vista) (they sell these amazing La Michoacana paletas in many flavors)

                Kiriko Sushi (Sawtelle) Black sesame ice cream, in tiny expensive scoops (but still maybe the best single ice cream flavor experience in town)
                Mikawaya (Little Tokyo)

                Al Gelato (Bev Hills)(not classic Italian gelato, but to my tastebuds much better tasting than any of the recently opened gelateria I've tried--BH, SM, Melrose, Venice)
                Gelato Paradiso (Newport Beach--highly rec'd by the Orange County continghent)
                Di Dio's (Santa Monica) (ices only, fabulous)

                and there's lots more where that came from!

                Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                1. Sav-On (nee Thrifty's) ice cream.

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                    Whatever happened to their mint chip ice cream sandwich? Seems as if all the ice cream sw have disappeared.

                  2. Not only is Fosselman's ice cream great, people should also check out their sherberts (orange and raspberry).
                    Otherwise, I've not really found anything that tops Hagen Daz (and yes I've had Dr. Bob's).

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                      If you love dark chocolate, I can't recommend highly enough Godiva's Belgian dark chocolate ice cream. It's perfectly sinful. :-)

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                        Another vote for Fosselman's. If it's on FoodTV, then I go there.

                        Link: http://www.fosselmans.com/

                      2. wow, I miss robin rose!!!!!!!!!!

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                          They were the best. I can't believe that they just disappeared. It's not fair. Does anyone here know the story?

                        2. The gelatos they serve up at Whole Foods are fantastic. They have a Tahitian Vanilla and a chocolate that took me back to Italy (it was the darker chocolate, forgot what they call it, but it starts with a "V"). Better than Robin Rose.

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                            Aren't these just Ciao Bella? Over the years CB has cheapened their product as it became more popular; no longer even use cane sugar, just corn syrup or some other heartburn giving sweetener. Try the Sorbetto Classico product, much cleaner taste.

                          2. A new place in the Beverly Center called Silky Smooth Frozen Custard...you can watch them make it fresh right in front of the counter, and once you've tried it, no ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt even comes close!! Flavor & texture are incredible, plus they have tons of mix-ins, too.

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                              silky smooth is a mix of custard and gelato...so the texture is amazing.

                            2. seriously you guys have to check out Great American Yogurt in Huntington Beach. They've been around forever, and have the greatest frozen yogurt in LA/OC!!!

                              You choose a cup, put as much yogurt and toppings you want, and pay by the ounce. The prices are reasonable, and the yogurt is really creamy and healthy.

                              Last time I went, I was curious and counted how many toppings they had--they have 51 toppings!

                              Yum! =)

                              1. probably been mentioned elsewhere, but Boule has some stunning sorbets and ice creams.

                                1. Mashti Malone's. They have a seasonal pumpkin ice cream right now that's simply amazing. Better than mom's pumpkin pie.