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Nov 29, 2009 04:51 PM

bland chicken

I have a terrible habit for some reason of under salt- and spicing many of my dishes. Maybe it's because so many restaurants overdue it (especially on the salt which I absolutely hate!!!) and I'm unconsciously trying to avoid that... So, while I chant mantras to myself about not under-doing it, can someone please give me some advice on what to do with my fully cooked but very unsatisfying dinner? I'd like to rescue/re-create it for dinner tomorrow....

I roasted a chicken, carrots and turnips with garlic, rosemary, caraway seeds, salt, pepper and chicken stock. The carrots are fine, the turnips could use a bit of a kick in the pants and the chicken tastes sadly similar to soup chicken. So far my rescue thoughts are to cut up the chicken, saute everything with some onion & additional veggies and make a chicken pot pie. It's not what I'm in the mood for this week though, so all suggestions will be very welcome!

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  1. Chicken a la King? Maybe too close to pot pie for you. I think you should have added onion to the vegetables, maybe celery too. You could reserve some of the cooked meat, then put everything else in the stockpot with fresh carrot, onion, and celery, and simmer till you have a good stock, from which you could make soup, returning reserved meat just before serving.

    Croquettes are good, too.

    1. Three years ago, while on a trip to NY, I stopped by Whole Foods and got some of the best turkey salad I ever contained Morrocan ingredients like cashews, golden raisins and harissa mixed with the also had some roasted veggies in it like carrot and celery.

      I came home and replicated it the best I could (No Whole Foods where I live) using both turkey and chicken. I imagine your chicken would taste delicious with all the veggies in a salad served over greens and or on toasted bread...

      If that doesn't appeal to you, why not consider, chicken & dumplings or egg noodle soup, chicken empanadas, pot pie (which would be great if you added some sweet potato), sauteed up in a stir fry over rice or peanut noodles with chicken