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Nov 29, 2009 04:15 PM

Looking for pork that tastes of pig in Baltimore

Where can I buy a pork shoulder, butt or loin in Baltimore that is locally grown and actually tastes of pig? the Downtown Farmer's market had a good stand, with pork in coolers, but I missed it today. Doesn't have to be organic, but I'm looking for hormone free and most of all tasting of pork, not "the other white meat".
Any ideas (not in DC!)

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  1. Not exactly Baltimore but not too far for a nice weekend drive. I haven't tried their pork yet but I'm hoping to order a roast for Christmas.

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      West Virginia's a little far! I found Ferguson Family Farm on the web: they're in Parkton, and had a stall at the Highlandtown, Hunt Valley and Parkville farmers markets. They supply Chameleon Cafe who have great pork chops, so I think I will try them. Also have Rhode Island Red chickens for sale-- I've never seen them around here.