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Nov 29, 2009 01:39 PM

What is Montreal's Best Greek Restaurant?

5 friends and I are in the mood for greek. What is the best restaurant? No fast good joints please. Thanks!!!

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  1. Probably everyone will say Milo's is THE best, and I won't disagree, but it's expensive. If you're looking to impress, that's where to go. We had a very nice meal at Faros last night. We like to order 3-4 appetizers instead of a main, because there are so many things we love :) We've also enjoyed Philinos and Mythos in the past. Mythos is the largest of the three and I think Philinos has the most active bar. Faros is the smallest and no bar that I noticed. So, I'd say Faros is the quietest of the three as well and I think maybe Philinos the liveliest.

    Hope that helps

    1. Milos is definitely the best, but if you aren't willing to pay top dollar than there are two better options:

      1. tasso - a new greek mezze place on st. denis

      2. jardin de panos - delicious greek byob restaurant where 5 can easily eat for just over 100 even if you go the whole 9 yards with multiple appetizers to share, main courses and dessert! a personal fav is their chicken kebabs that have a lovely lemony marinade on them.

      Hope you enjoy!

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      1. re: thehotplate

        I went to Jardin de Panos once last summer. It just did not do it for me

        1. re: souschef

          if you compare it to all the other byob greek restaurants in montreal it is an absolute gem! i would argue that it is the best option if you're not wiling to foot the milos' petite poeme

          1. re: thehotplate

            I really disliked the food there, and was annoyed that I had to drink my wine from one of those water glasses that they have. I am not a wine snob, and do not expect Riedel stemware, but draw the line at thick water tumblers.

            1. re: souschef

              Actually those "water tumblers" are typical wine glasses in Greece used for the house wine. It is very typical of the local taverna and Jardin de Panos tries to replicate that. It's not because they don't know any better; it is a casual BYOB and I think it is appropriate.

              1. re: hungryann

                Typical in most of Europe I've found.

              2. re: souschef

                Jardin de panos felt to me similar to any other "brochetterie" type place.

            2. re: souschef

              Yeah, I was underwhelmed by Jardin de Panos when I went. It was 1980s type food to me ... brochettes with the same blah rice on every plate kind of thing. When I brought it up on this board before, people said they mostly recommend it for the nice terrace. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for anyone who likes Greek food and it wasn't that cheap either. It seemed to me like it was only a good restaurant for the very unadventurous.

              Probably the best Greek food I've had in Montreal was Philinos and even that was mostly just that it was good seafood and a convivial atmosphere. I don't remember them having a lot of the yummy little appetizers, which I enjoy most at Greek restaurants I've been to in other cities.

              Philinos Restaurant Bar
              4806 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2V4E6, CA

          2. Parthenon, on the corner of Van horn and Cote-des-Neiges, next to the Petro Canada, HANDS DOWN. Quality food does not always necessarily equate to expensive pricey dishes, especially in this case. Family run joint and everything is cooked with the most important ingredient... LOVE.

            1. Just another thought on Milos.
              Yes they are very good, but they are almost exclusively geared to seafood. Not necessarily a bad thing, but frustrating for someone, like my wife, who doesn't like the stuff. Remaining choices are grilled veggies, salads, and filet mignon.

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              1. re: porker

                I really enjoy Milos, but dislike their lack of flexibility. The last time we were there we asked if within the $75 tasting menu we could have a crab cake instead of the main course choices (beef filet or halibut). They would not accomodate our request.

                1. re: souschef

                  Isn't it the norm for tasting menus in restaurants('no substitutions')?

                  1. re: BLM

                    It may be the norm, but when I ask for an appetizer for a main course (i.e. cheaper) I expect them to be pleased to do it. Their crab cake is far superior to the halibut - and the waiter agreed that this was the case.

                    I have asked for and got substitutions at Europea on their $50 table d'hote (sea bass instead of salmon, with a price adjustment).

              2. I would go with Philinos. I have enjoyed every meal I've had there.

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                  i have been to all these restaurants and do not consider any very special as a typical greek restaurant although milos does its speciality of fish very well and philinos has nice ambience and some good choices. Parthenon has not served me tender souvlaki on the two times i went and although the jardin in back of panos is pleasant i am not taken up by souvlaki /kebabs or standard appetizers as great greek food. I used to like the home cooking of the greek restaurant on jean talon, so many choices, great lamb, horta, beans, veal etc but it closed down. Having been to Greece several times i have not found comparable food in Montreal but perhaps someone else has discovered some bijou to share with us.