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What would you say is a good solo boston eating experience?

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Just something quick.

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  1. searches for "solo dining" will get you there, as will price point and location. But since you're not from here, maybe the bar at Upstairs on the Square.

    1. I am always happy at the bar at Neptune Oyster in the North End....

      1. Really depends on your budget and location. Neptune oyster is a good suggestion, as is sushi. I'm quite comfortable dining alone, so would happily eat at most places, but many of them wouldn't be 'quick'.


        1. Any place with a nice bar. It's Cambridge, but I highly recommend both Green Street and Rendezvous for solo dining.

            1. East Coast Grill...sit at the bar and you can either keep to yourself & people watch or make new friends with the local crowd. Try ordering a few small plates...tuna tacos are a must-eat...as you will probably want to try a few things on the menu.

              1. I love sitting at the 'bar' (all 5 seats of it) at Regina in the North End, especially at lunch. The pizza's legendarily great and the bar staff are good at reading whether you want to chat or be left alone. It's nothing flash, but it's yummy and the environment's welcoming to solo diners.

                1. We almost always see solo diners at the bar at Hamersley's Bistro. While we had dinner there on Saturday, two people came in, had a drink and a bite and left. One was an obvious regular and spoke to Tim the bartender, the other talked to the couple next to us and to us.

                  It's a warm and welcoming spot.