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Nov 29, 2009 11:46 AM

Christmas Goose

Time to start updating any and all information about restaurants that will be serving Christmas Goose Dinners. Once I lost the Blackforest in Santa Monica I have basically done without. There was the Matterhorn Chef but he also is gone. Anyone have any news on who might be serving Goose dinners?

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    1. I found this menu (including roast goose) for Christmas eve being served by Leatherby's at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa. Just reading through it made me want to take a drive down to the OC for this dinner:

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        A main course of roast goose w/gravy, cranberry and blood orange relish, plum pudding, braised red cabbage, and sweet potato, goat cheese, and hazelnut gratin -- not bad! I don't know if Leatherby's can cook, but if I weren't going to be Southbound on another BBQ journey over Christmas I might suggest a 'hound Holiday Party for fellow goose-fanatics (and then call the restaurant and urge them to add plain bread dumplings to the savory mix).