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Any Good BBQ in Brooklyn?

Is there any good BBQ in Brooklyn? I am not interested in the ersatz variety (ie Dallas BBQ). Does anyone know of a real BBQ place?
Also, the best BBQ in New York City in general would be appreciated.

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  1. Maybe when they do the barbecue festival... but normally, no.

    1. Smoke Joint in Fort Greene, has great BBCUE.

      1. Fette Sau in Williamsburg has very good BBQ. They're not trying to mimic Kansas City, Memphis, Carolina, Texas, etc. The emphasis is simply on quality cuts of meat slow-cooked on the smoker. I particularly liked the pork I had there: ribs, shoulder (pulled), belly, cheek. I also appreciated that they weren't afraid of fatty cuts. Both the sweet and spicy sauces were very tasty. The beans are also good, but the rest of the sides we had were uninspiring.

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          I second fette sau. Still not as good as the real thing, but the best you will find here. I think wood choice is the problem.

          IMO bests Hill country, daisy mae, virgils, or dinosaur.

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            I tried Fette Sau over the weekend, and I thought it was excellent. The pastrami in particular was some of the best (though unconventional) cue I've ever had, and the pork cheeks were excellent as well. very nice beer selection too. And I thought the sides were at least good, if not great (except the beans, which are great). All in all, a very nice experience.

          2. I went to Dinosaur recently and it was very good, excellent pulled pork, thought it was much better than Hill Country, Blue Smoke or Smoke Joint, which i think is very mediocore. Looking forward to Fette Sau one of these days

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              Being Texas orthodox, Hill Country has no pulled pork. I think Fette Sau will blow away Dinosaur. Please post findings when you try it. RUB had great pulled pork when they opened, but of late has been very inconsistent. Not at all close to Fette Sau even at their peak.

            2. Fette Sau - hands down! A must!

              1. I think Daisy Mae is the runaway winner in the city.

                I thought Smoke Joint was terrible (2 visits). Have not tried Fette Sau. Found Hill Country decent.

                1. In BK, Fette is really the only passable BBQ. The pork belly, or the pulled pork with a few splashes of the vinegar are both outstanding. Honorable mention goes to the ribs at Pete's Waterfront on Atlantic - they smoke some good ribs.

                  In Queens, I didn't hate the food at the bar in Jackson Heights (Legends?), but wouldn't go out of my way for it.

                  Manhattan is ruled by Dinosaur, with Rub and Blue Smoke also edible. Hill Country is disqualified for lack of pork (I'm baised, being from Alabama).

                  For me, I still order the majority of my BBQ from Dreamland in Alabama and have it FedEx'd up (5 slabs of ribs just showed up for the SEC Championship game on Saturday!).

                  1. Anyone try that BBQ place in Carroll Gardens/Red Hook on Columbia St. next to Alma? Can't remember the name. I've never been and have been intrigued by it. Since no one volunteered it, I'm guessing it's mediocre or unknown...

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                      This is Jake's BBQ. I have tried this restaurant and did not like it at all. Even as an I don't really expect that much type of delivery place.... But this was about 3 years ago.

                    2. Second the rec for Smoke Joint where Lafayette meets Fulton. Great flavors and even chunks of meat in their beans.

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                        I've only been to Dinosaur once, but the meal I had wasn't much better than Dallas BBQ. Hill Country and Blue Smoke have the best brisket - which is of course all that really matters.

                        Fette Sau in the summer has the best atmosphere for BBQ - outdoor picnic tables and beer. I think they're smoking of pork belly is inspired if some times too much.