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Feb 25, 2005 05:16 PM

A night on the town in Alhambra...

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My wife and I are planning on going out tonight (sans baby...) in Alhambra for dinner and a movie. I am thinking of trying either Cuban Bistro or Mahan. Do any of you hounds have any thoughts on either of these?

I saw earlier threads with mixed reviews of Cuban Bistro, but nothing regarding Mahan...

Any other suggestions for that area?

We have tried, and quite frankly were blown away by (both literally and figuratively, I think my tastebuds are still on fire from this place), Oriental Pearl, but are open to anything.


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  1. It's not the Water Grill but we really enjoyed the Weiland Fish Restaurant, right off of main street. Don't forget the obligatory stop at Fosselman's.

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    1. re: Slow Foodie

      Haven't tried Fosselman's, but been meaning to, and will make a point of trying them tonight.

      1. re: Slow Foodie

        I wouldn't rec Weiland's. Been there twice and really the only thing that was good about it was the big portions and that someone else paid for it. I think I had the mahi mahi, it was a chunk of fish and it really didn't taste like anything. My SO had the seafood pasta which she left over half of the plate and didn't doggie bag, which is highly unusual. I really wanted to like it because there aren't too many good seafood places around. I guess I'm spoiled by Gerlach's Grill Takeout in Pasadena.

        I would rec Wahib's Middle East further east on Main/Granada. They might have some entertainment there tonight. Zocalo is pretty tasty too and they sometimes have entertainment.

        1. re: Alan

          Sorry you had bad luck. Ours was better. One caveat, for us, is to ask that the fish be cooked rare.

      2. I liked Cuban Bistro, the dish I had was a garlicky halibut. The last time I went (summer?) the portions were bigger than before (I'm not sure if that was the complaint from previous posts). Never been to Mahan but my friend has and she likes it.

        1. Hi,

          I've been to Cuban Bistro several times and really like it. I really like their ropa vieja and the chicken, the plaintains are very good also. Once I went with my husband on a Saturday night, there was live music and the bar area was really hopping! It's a nice place. I also second the rec. for Fosselman's!


          1. Mahan is fairly generic Indian food, nothing special but it is relatively cheap

            1. Yazmin for Malaysian, just around the corner from the theater

              Their ptoh piah (sp?) appetizer is really, really good.

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                We had some of the worst food at Yazmin. This was after we discovered they had moved from their original location (several years ago) on Las Tunas near Vietnam House, and gone with some anticipation of our favorite dishes at their old location - specially the fruit appetizer with the sweet tamarind sauce (I forget the name). It was some of the most tasteless Malaysian food we had - we will never go back to Yazmin.

                For those who hanker for Malaysian food, much better choices in this general area are Kuala Lumpur (on Green in Old Town Pasadena) and Nonya (Raymond, also in Old Town Pasadena).