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Nov 29, 2009 09:47 AM

Tell me what not to miss in Fort Worth in February?

I will there for about a week for my brother's wedding. We are staying in the area of W35 and 820, but am willing to drive if it's worth the drive! Doesn't matter what cuisine....just want to taste the area!

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  1. Bonnell's is probably my favorite place in Fort Worth--it's been great every time I've gone.

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      Thanks....Bonnell's is on the list!

    2. 35W (@ 820) to the North or South of FW?

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          If it is a nice weather day, I definitely suggest a visit to the FW Stockyards for some walk-around touristy things to do and see (daily cattle drives, shops, museums, etc). For some night time boot scootin', there's The While Elephant. Of dining note is Tim Love's, The Love Shack - outdoor seating only, obviously casual, but pretty good burgers with live music. On a pricier note is his restaurant, Lonesome Dove.

          Angelos's BBQ -

          To the south of downtown on Magnolia is Nonna Tata - a wonderful very small Italian eatery presenting handmade pastas and dishes from the north of Italy. VERY limited hours, cash only and BYOB.

          Just down the street is the fairly new, Ellerbe's Fine Foods. Upscale casual with some interesting seasonal and local offerings.

          If there on a Saturday, also on the southside is Rahr Brewery - tours, music, tasting - 1pm - 3pm.

          A little north and east of where you'll be staying is Chef Point Cafe - this is some fairly fine menu selections served in a Conoco gas station located in the FW suburb of Watauga.

          If you search any of these, you'll be certain to get multiple hits, plus some additional recs. to others' favorites.

          Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy your visit!

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            Thank you so much.....the lonesome dove sounds delightful.......need some more suggestions please....

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          1. I agree with this list so far -- lots of good suggestions. I would add the Cafe Modern at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth -- excellent food in a beautiful setting. Great Sunday brunch. We did a weekend in Fort Worth last February -- lunch at Love Shack, dinner at Lanny's, Sunday brunch at the Modern. Could not have been better! Have fun!