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Nov 29, 2009 09:04 AM

Phoenix/Grand Canyon -- decent food?

Will be traveling to the GC next week -- flying into Phoenix, probably staying in Winslow. Mr. Cheflambo can subsist on fast food, but I want something better. We'll be doing the meteor crater/petrified forest tour too, so any suggestions in any of those areas would be greatly appreciated. And if anything is close to decent accomodations, I'd love to hear about that too!

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  1. La Posada in Winslow has one of the finest restaurants in Arizona,it is also a great hotel.

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      Twodogs -- thanks for this suggestion! I am VERY interested in La Posada, and the menu for the restaurant is enticing. Will let you know if this works out for us.

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        La Posada is very good.

        Cheflambo - This is a little off topic, as I can't recommend any restos at the Rim (we always camp and take food) but DO take the time to see the IMAX movie before you partake of the Grand Canyon. Very cool and time well spent.

        Enjoy your trip!

      2. If there are decent dining opporunities available anywhere within 20 miles of the Grand Canyon, we would certainly appreciate hearing about them ourselves. Our experience was that it was something like eating at your local all-you-can-stand buffet. Only not as fresh.

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          Aside from GCNP concessionaires, there's not much in the way of food within 20 miles of Grand Canyon Village, except for meat on the hoof and piƱon nuts. Oh. And dove.

          The nearest opportunity for decent food would be in 80 miles away in Flagstaff, unless there is some hidden gem in Williams.

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            Update! Thanks again for the suggestion on La Posada -- we had a LOVELY night there, enjoying dinner in the Turquoise Room and strolling around the lobby/gallery of the hotel. It was all decked out for Christmas, warm and inviting, and there were guitarists playing in the evening while we enjoyed our meal. We had the Roy Rogers room, and it was very comfortable and well appointed, including a bookshelf of interesting things to read. What a hidden gem!

            The second/third nights of our trip we stayed at El Tovar, on the South RIm of the Canyon. Since it was a slow week for them (almost NO tourists) they were VERY happy to see us, and service in their dining room was perfection.

            On our way back to Phoenix we passed through Flagstaff and had lunch at Miz Zip's Cafe on Route 66 -- excellent hamburgers and some of the best hand cut french fries this side of the Mississippi.