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Nov 29, 2009 07:33 AM

3 days in Philly. Suggestions please...

We are taking our son to Philly to celebrate his 18th birthday just before Christmas. Have several restaurants in mind and would love input. Looking to do at least one "fancy" dinner. We get in early Sat. morning and leave late Monday night (9:00pm). So we basically have 3 dinners, though the last would need to be scheduled early on Monday.

Hoping to get a reservation at Vetri. The regular menu looks wonderful and if we can get in will do the Grand Tasting menu. Not sure if this is to be considered a fancy/formal atmosphere.

For the formal dinner we are also considering Le Bec-Fin or The Fountain in the Four Seasons (which is where we'll be staying).

My husband and I have previously been to both Morimoto and Buddakan and enjoyed both very much. Both the food and atmosphere were great and we thought our son would be happy with either of these choices. It's been about 7 years since we were in Philly and wondered if these two establishments were still desirable places.

Also considering Amada. Looks great and we've never been.

Look forward to some insights from the foodies out there.


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  1. I would call right now to see if you can get into Vetri because I believe they close for a couple of weeks right around Christmas. But if you can't get into Vetri, by all means go to The Fountain. I consider those two restaurants to be the best in the city.

    Vetri is not super formal (no jacket and tie required), but I think The Fountain still requires a jacket.

    I would also try to go to Amada (also make your reservation now). Since you have three people you can just order up a bunch of plates and share them all. Great way to try a lot of dishes. My faves are pernil asado, clams and chorizo, spanish octopus, and the serrano ham salad with figs.

    I have never been a big fan of Buddakan, but I do like Morimoto. But if you have already been there, try some other new places. We have a lot to offer here, as you already seem to know.