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Nov 29, 2009 06:45 AM

Does anyone know where I can buy julekake or limpa in SEMichigan?

Or maybe mail order? I've got all my other essentials coming in from Erikson's in Chicago. But they don't do bakery. I could always settle for stollen, but....

Thanks in advance. And if anyone knows of anywhere to buy any Scandinavian foods in the area (other than IKEA), I'll take that too!

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  1. How about southWEST Michigan? There's a fabled Swedish bakery in Harbert, not far from the Indiana border off I-94, that has been around for decades, and is exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps they ship? Or perhaps you feel like taking a ride (it's worth it.) Here's the link: .

    And if you do make the ride, try stopping along the way at The Chocolate Garden (just two miles off I-94), and at Drier's Meats (in Three Rivers).