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Nov 29, 2009 06:01 AM

midtown christmas eve and christmas day recs

We will be staying in times square Christmas Eve night and Christmas night. Help please. We own a contemporary restaurant in Wilmington ,NC and will be visiting NYC with our 6 year old well behaved foodie. We want a special family experience. Price is not the main issue. Good food is. Would we be better off going for lunch or dinner on Christmas?We hope you will help. Thanks.

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  1. Check to see a general list of who's open. If you have a favorite resto that you've wanted to try, call them to ask if they're open either for Day or Eve. Since many of the big name restos aren't on opentable - check their sites, email or call: Jean Georges, Nougatine, Eleven Madison Park. And check the other Christmas dinner postings and requests on this board. All restaurants associated with hotels should be open (like Jean Georges).

    Most if not all restos which are open will have special holiday menus and up to 4 seatings on Christmas Day, starting at noon. Since it's the same menu all day, what time you eat depends upon what else you wanted to do that day. Movies tend to be crowded ("get the kids out of here and amuse them while I'm working on dinner"). Once the kids are done with presents, they're often at the movies by 10:30 or 11 am.

    I'm not sure if River Club or The River Café (in Brooklyn) are open, but both afford exceptional and unique water views - the Manhattan Skyline from River Café. I'm not sure if it's little ferry runs in winter to get you there from Manhattan. Enjoy your time here.

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    1. Christmas Eve will be easier than Christmas Day.

      Also, is a good call but not all the restaurants that are open use OpenTable.

      I would call and ask about operating hours on Christmas Day at the following restaurants:
      The Breslin
      Locanda Verde
      'inoteca (Gramercy)
      Ma Peche's mezzanine
      Maialino (who are on OT, this is actually where my husband and I will be dining for dinner on Christmas Day)

      NB: Chinatown is likely to be VERY VERY crowded, not sure if you were thinking about Chinese food that night. If so, I'd try to call and reserve at Grand Sichuan (Chelsea or East Village locations are my favorites) or Szechuan Gourmet (39th Street), assuming they're open Christmas Day.