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Nov 29, 2009 03:09 AM

My dinner at Caplansky's last night: A Review

Last night,my sister,niece and nephew and I had dinner at Caplanky's. We all loved it! Smoked meat: all of us had smoked meat sandwiches. One of us had lean,my sister medium. I had fatty. They were fantastic. My smoked meat sandwich was beautifully flavored,tender,juicy,delightful. My sister ordered the soup of the day (they were out of matza ball soup. pity,as I really wanted to try it . She had the cabbage soup: we all agreed it was not good. No flavor,weak. Kiska: we tried it: Interesting,but uneven. Major let down was chopped liver: kind of on sour side. Fries: also great. Coleslaw: very good. Coffee was a nice,rich blend. The servers are so nice,they really do a good job. The vibe in the place is lovely. Desserts: we all shared: cheesecake, (Blueberry) (white chocolate-mm.good) Apple cake: what a great treat! Sour cherry pie: terrific. Amazing: not often desserts in a deli are so incredibly good. Definately will go back for a breakfast, and later a lunch. Zane deserves so much credit: he is bringing back something that has long been missing for Toronto Jews: an old fashioned deli.

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  1. Very good review Marc.
    In view of the fact that it is impossible to get a perfect dining experience in Toronto , you guys walked away satisfied , even though you paid for items which were sub standard. , but all in all it was good .

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    1. re: itzi

      And chances are excellent that if you had expressed your concerns about the chopped liver and kiska, you might have been offered another item of it would have been removed from your bill.

      1. re: OTFOODIE

        I hope to try the chicken matza ball soup next time I'm there. Want to try his hot tongue,as well as brisket. A few items I'd like to see added to the breakfast and dinner menu: Fried Matza (never found a place that does this well) Mushroom + barley soup: Yitzes has one,sometimes,but it is variable in taste. On another topic,love to see or find a Kosher gourmet restaurant. There was one,years ago: Greenfields: but it is long gone-I miss it. I hated the kosher deli Markeys: I found the food terrible. I really want Zane to succeed,as I feel there is a good market.

        1. re: marc Bernstein

          Yes Greenfield's was really good. Then Marky's took it over....

          1. re: marc Bernstein

            Keep in mind that Caplansky's is NOT kosher. Zane has explained on his blog the personal reasons why he does not buy kosher beef.

      2. The original comment has been removed