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Nov 28, 2009 11:07 PM

ISO: Discontinued Henckel 11" Deep Saute Pan - Non Stick Coated Cast Iron in GTA

So I have these pans. I can't even find an image on Google Images to show you, so that's kind of scary.. But alas. It's a deep saute pan, 11" wide, angled sides, oven proof to 400 or so. Has a big silver lid, great for braising with.

They weren't cheap, I think I paid around $230-250 each. But they are indeed best pans I've ever owned. I cook most everything in these things. Well, the one that's still useable. The first one is a mess. :)

The last one I bought from a kitchen store on Eglinton west of Bayview.

Anyone seen one of these things by chance?

Also if someone else has one, any idea what the warranty was?

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