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Nov 28, 2009 10:40 PM

Which Roy's in Oahu - view vs. food vs. ambience

Hi chowhounders, I follow and post on the Texas board but my fiance and I are going to Hawaii for our honeymoon... so I turn to thee for help! I have a few questions but I'm going to put it in a few posts so it doesn't get confusing.

On the 2nd day of our honeymoon is my fiance's birthday. Last year, I took him to Roy's in Plano, TX and had a nice meal (food was good, but not great). This year, since we're going to be in Honolulu/Waikiki, I though, why not go to Roy's again? I did some research and it seems like there's a general agreement that the original Hawaii Kai/Honolulu location has the best food, but has no view of the water? It would be nice if we can see the water (otherwise, it's really not that different from eating at Roy's in Texas)... is that good enough of a reason to eat at the Waikiki location? I know you fellow chowhounders have high standards also so I trust your opinion. Please let me know what you think, thanks!

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  1. Au Contraire, HK the "Original" Roy's has a view of the water, Maunalua Bay. I was there last night and since I went early (before it gets dark here in the winter) we had a great window
    table looking at the view and gorgeous sunset. Our food was just amazing. I often go to
    the Waikiki location which does not have a view but is also amazing for the food and the service. The staff at both are equally friendly and have every desire to make your experience as positive as possible.

    1. Manomin is (as ever) right on the money, the Hawaii Kai restaurant has a view of Moanalua Bay... but do remember that sunset is at about quarter to 6 at this time of year, and we have a very short twilight here. Its almost cartoon like. The sun goes down, there is 15 or maybe 20 minutes of sunset colors, and then its dark. The Hawaii Kai restaurant has some view of the lights in portlock, but if you are expecting the ocean and a "city" background thats not what you will find. The food is excellent. You will have no regrets at all.

      If the view and setting are the most important things, consider Hau Tree Lanai. The food is very good, the service fair (but slow), but the setting is really hard to beat. It is outdoors, so dress for the weather if you make that choice.

      In no way am I trying to dissuade you from Roy's, just an option to consider.

      1. Quick side note: Roy's Hawaii Kai and Hawaii is still run by Roy himself whereas other locations (mostly mainland) are owned by another restaurant group (Outback believe it or not). The food is different (better) at the originals.