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Nov 28, 2009 07:39 PM

Long Island Smoothies or Protein Shakes?

Hi. Does anyone know of a good place on long island to get a good fruit smoothie? I used to go to Robeks in Merrick but it burned down.

Also, I used to like the protein shakes at Smoothie King in Penn Station, but the new place (Planet Smoothie) isn't as good. Any good protein shakes on Long Island?

TIA :)

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  1. if you're ever in the city, there's a Smoothie King on 3rd Ave at 40th Street. according to their website there's one coming to Carle Place, and another in development in Nassau County.

    what don't you like about Planet Smoothie? granted i haven't had one in many years, but i remember back in college i preferred them hands-down over Smoothie King. i always got the Chocolate Chimp, Two-Piece Bikini, or Mr. Mongo.

      1. Robeck's will soon be back to the area.

        I live near Merrick & there's a sign over by CVS next to a Wine Store that has a sign saying "Coming Soon" Robeks.

        Have you tried the other Robeks in Plainview-Oyster Bay Road
        [331 S. Oyster Bay Road, Plainview NY 11803] It's 2 stores down from Dunkin' Donuts.

        There's also Madison's Smoothie Cafe on 2793 Jerusalem Avenue, North Bellmore. They also do supplements for 0.10 cents more. A bit more on the pricey side although I think. You can check their menu online. $4.50-$5.85 depending on what you get. An acai version is $5.85 [I know the owner's of the place]

        I can't wait for Robeks to come back since Rita's in Bellmore on Merrick is never opening again & I need my Acai or pumpkin fix [What about Jumba Juice?]

        1. There is a Robeks in PLainview, right around the Hicksville border. I love their acai bowls. jandi's is also very good

          331 S Oyster Bay Rd, Plainview, NY 11803

          1. Thanks everyone. I actually started going to a place called "Smoothie Roo" in Oceanside on Long Beach Rd. I found them shortly after my original post. Awesome protein shakes! They also have real fruit smoothies and salads and other food, but I'm most interested in their protein shakes. They have a website by the same name.

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              my parents live there & i pass that place all the time. never seen anyone in there & have been a lil weary of trying so thanks for the info.

              whats your fav thing to get there?