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Nov 28, 2009 06:23 PM

Looking for Pretzel Rods

I am looking to make chocolate caramel covered pretzels (similar to the ones you can get at Starbucks) but I'm having a hard time finding the longer, thicker pretzel rods, around 6 inches long. Any idea where I could find them? Co-op and Superstore don't appear to carry anything bigger than the skinny little guys.


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  1. You could try Costco, Zellers or Walmart. Seems to me I saw big pretzel rods or shapes in a jar at Costco a little while ago -- I could be wrong as I wasn't specifically looking for them, but I remember big pretzel items that were jarred. Hope this helps.

    1. Does anyone have any new input on this one? I've been to the Italian centre, Army & Navy, K&K foodliner, Superstore, Safeway and Save-On Foods and have yet to find anything resembling pretzel rods!! I have found many online, alas it's too late for that this year....


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        i seem to recall gunthers bakery on 17 ave se had some

      2. I just saw some at the Chinese market in the mall on 16th ave and Centre St N. The market used to be called Jay's but I can never remember the new name. There is only 1 in that mall, we were looking at the Pocky but noticed the pretzel rods beside them on the shevles at the cashier end of the snacks aisle. Other Asian markets like T&T might have a larger selection.

        The persimmons and Chinese mandarins are dirt cheap there today.

        1. I found some in Edmonton!! After trolling a good many (12 or so?) stores, I finally found the rods at Carol's Quality Sweets ( at High Street), when I was going to get some caramel.


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            There is a big selection of pretzels, including rods, at Bulk Barn in Edmonton if that is an option to you.