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Nov 28, 2009 05:32 PM

Christmas Day Vegan Soup Challenge!!!

I need to bring a vegan soup for Christmas day dinner that will sooth the souls of vegans and carnivores alike. Would love to hear your inspirations.

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  1. You might want to consider a celeriac soup, made with vegetable broth. Candy (a poster) has a great recipe for a soup that uses both celeriac and celery. I can find the link for you if that sounds interesting.

    1. I gave my son a recipe for a Sweet Potato/Apple/Chipotle Soup to take to a Thanksgiving gathering. It was a big hit. Easy, vegan, the recipe is from "Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health."

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        I like that recipe a lot!!! I just came here to post it as a suggestion - different, but delicious. Go easy on the chipotle.

      2. Hint: the combination of shallots/leeks and dried porcini mushrooms is a great base for soups that won't have a meat broth. Adding a touch of tomato paste helps with the umami effect.

        I'd consider this porcini mushroom and barley soup:

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          Miso is another umami-rich ingredient.

        2. Easiest recipe I know is the Butternut Squash soup I make for Thanksgiving. Using 2lbs of cleaned, peeled and diced squash. Two onions, cut into quarters and two large garlic cloves, a generous sprinkling of salt, pepper and a generous slathering of olive oil. Roast at 375 till the squash is very, very soft. Pour the entire pan of vegetables, oil, etc. into a large pot. Add about five fresh Sage leaves, sliced thinly and about four stripped Thyme stalks. Pour vegetable stock till it is just covered. Allow to simmer for about fifteen minutes. Using a stick blender (or a blender and doing it in small batches) finely blend all the ingredients. Adjust for salt and pepper seasoning. Simmer for five or so minutes and serve. We have "Organic Vegan" family members I have to cater for every Thanksgiving. They love this soup.

          1. Along the lines of sweet potatoes and butternut squash:


            I thought the soup was very good. Also, Laurel's Kitchen has a split pea soup that is very good too. I can't find my copy, but you local library might have one.