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Anyone going to Greece??

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We just returned from a 2 week trip and had a fabulous time. 2 days Athens, 3 days island cruise, and 10 days wandering. If anyone is interested, we can give you ideas of places to stay, where to eat and best of all, what to eat!

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  1. Fire away! Where did u eat in Athens? Is it worth bringing home olive oil? thanks

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      We are planning a trip next September. Would appreciate hearing about your trip!

    2. I would love to hear about the food you enjoyed and where.
      Did you experiment or did you go for the popular greek recipes?

      1. Would love to have alunch spot in athens? Also what did you buy?

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          Alexandras Restaurant on Alexandras Street is wonderful! Elevated Greek food.

        2. I'm on my way to a Greek cruise in mid April - would love to hear all about your trip!

          1. My best advice is to learn a few key words, "Excuse me," "Please," "Hello," "Thank you," and "Delicious!" Most people want to be helpful and in the cities speak Eng. Some little towns we hit were otherwise but we got along.
            We ate grilled lamb and pork. Greek salad is no lettuce but tomatoes, cuke, maybe kalamatas, red onion, maybe oregano and good olive oil.
            Our rec in Athens is Zorba's Taverna in the plaka which was a rec to us.
            We then had 3 day cruise which was enough. Don't like standing in line for food.
            Picked up car and got out of town toward Nafplio, stopping in Corinth.Two nights in Nafplio, beautiful small city on water. Visited Mycenae and Epidauros.
            Then "wandering" began in ernest. Down the coast on narrow, winding,HIGH road toward Leonidio. No reservations but a good atlas and Michelin green guide book. Inland to Sparti and across Mani Penninsula to Areopoli. Found room in old Maniot tower and excellent lamb and baby goat at taverna across the courtyard.
            Up Messinia coast to Olympia, spending the night there. We had some car trouble and the hotel (Kronio) owner was way beyond helpful and joined us for dinner at his favorite taverna. Visited ancient site and museum for several hours.
            Through Patras on magnificent bridge to Ionnnina. our only rip-off hotel of the trip. Then eastward through the mountains, and I mean mtns! stopping in charming town of Metsovo on Market day. Some women in traditional garb. BBQed suckling lamb for lunch. More winding roads to Kastraki near Meteora. Not to be missed!! Our hotelier in Olympia had a friend who owned an inn there so we booked there. They sent us down the road to their favorite taverna.
            100 mi loop described in Michelin was tough driving near Volos. My eyes were closed part of the time and husband exhausted when we pulled into Effisos. His turn to snag room which was overlooking Aegean sea, 50 Euros inc. breakfast!!
            Next day was my favorite meal. Pulled into sleepy town of Livanates on way back to Athens, found small restaurant on beach, no menus, just a cooler with 3 drawers holding several different kinds of fish. No Eng. spoken either. We pointed to the squid drawer and 15 min. later out to our table in the sunshine came a Greek salad and the most heavenly, lightly battered, deep fried squid.
            One big warning!!! We had a very early flight home so travel agent booked us at a hotel near the airport. Surprise. It SAID it was near the airport but it was the OLD airport. Fortunately the guy at Avis caught the mistake so we booked at the Holiday Inn near the NEW airport and it cost BUCKS!! More than our Athens hotel for 2 nights.
            Hope this helps you all. I've had fun writing and remembering. OH, that Squid.......

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              I would love to know if you had any great meals in Nafplio or Patra as we will be there in February. As we are staying in Plaka, I will check out Zorbas.