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Nov 28, 2009 04:27 PM

Food Nostalgia Kippered Herring - Anyone seen em in Boston?

My dad used to get these as a kid in NYC and fry with onions, serve with fried eggs and rye toast. Yum.

Arax recently had some whole smoked herring from Brooklyn NYC. They said "cold smoked" but really they were almost hot smoked. In fact they were really like fat juicy very salty kippers. I fried em, and they were amazingly delicious, but very salty. A perfectly acceptable substitute for kippers.

But, that said, now I am thinking about kippered herring. Anyone seen em in Boston?

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  1. I don't know but my first guess would be Baza in Newton or Bizarre in Brookline or Allston. The Russians seem to have a huge range of herring and smoked fish and Baza seems the best and broadest. let me know if you find it.

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      and another memory that I think might help with the salt issue: I believe my dad used to soak the herring in milk.

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        Its "Bazaar" - and Berezka Deli might have them as well..

      2. I was also going to suggest the Russian markets. I have seen kippered herring in regular markets (A&P) in NJ but not here.

        1. I actually saw some at Whole Foods in Framingham. The guy gave me one, and it was reallly salty; I knew they had to be soaked, or stewed, or something....Just soaked in milk? I'd try that...

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            I've seen them poached in milk in the UK, but we used to eat them grilled (broiled).

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              Did they require any kind of soaking to remove the salt, or does cooking do it?

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                i only recall that my dad soaked them in milk and said it was to reduce the salt and "mellow" them. He'd throw out the milk and then cook the herrings, usually with lots of onions.

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                  Yes, how could I forget to mention the onions. When I made the ones above I actually used some awesome shallots I scored in Chinatown.

          2. I just finished a tin of kippers bought at the Shaw's in Allston because they were wild caught in Penobscot Bay. Really good. White paper wrapped container. Less than $4.

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              Tinned is tasty, but not really a kippered herring. To steinpilz above, yah in the NY area you can just get em at the supermarket. I'll have to ask my dad if he soaked em, but I don't remember that. Just fried em right up I think.

              While I have seen myriad smoked fish at Russian places in beantown including herring, I don't recollect seeing herring per se... Though it would not surprise me if Baza or Bazaar had em.

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                I would normally agree but these were the real deal in a tin. Better than I used to get in England.

            2. I just saw some at the MB in Ashland. They seemed big, cut to size.

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                  Damn, I didn't even know there was an MB in Ashland! This will change my life! THX....