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Nov 28, 2009 03:17 PM

Steaks in South Bend, In, and Ruth's Chris

I got a gift certificate to visit Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, so I thought I'd see if people here have tried the place and what they think is most excellent there.

More generally, because I don't eat at expensive restaurants more than two or three times a year--and only that when my workplace is paying--I wonder what people think about how a Ruth's Chris steak night compares to other steak places in the area? Like many of you, I'm a serious home cook, so I cook my own steaks and am very satisfied. The only steakhouse I've tried in the South Bend area was Eddie's Steak Shed (in the suburb Granger), which was terrific. When I try Ruth's, Eddie's will be my only point of local comparison. What do others here think about South Bend steaks/beef?

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  1. I have dined at the Ruth's Chris in Boston and in Washington, DC. At the DC one, I had their price fixe menu, and chose the crab cakes. They were delicious! Basically, they were crab and a little celery, and seasoning. I've had the ribeye and filet mignon, and found them both to be quite tender, and very tasty.

    1. The Ruth's Chris place in SB is just like any other one, fabulous food yet an expensive meal overall. I was there last September (football season) and my filet was truely great!