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Nov 28, 2009 02:33 PM

New England Hot Dog Rolls in South Florida

Does anyone know of any stores and/or restaurants in South Florida that serve and/or sell New England style Hot Dog rolls? They are the ones that stand up and are sliced on the 'top' of the bread, and the sides can be toasted or grilled. Thanks! I think my relatives are 'over' having to send me a few packages every Christmas time!

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  1. The Publix bakery department sells uncut hot dog rolls. Flavorwise, they're a cut above the Dandee thngs in their bread aisle, and, being uncut, you can slice them on the top, rather than on the side. You might have to ask for them -- they don't always have them in plain view. They don't appear to be baked touching each other, so the sides are 'finished' and probably won't toast well, as you would for a lobster roll.

      1. Try the Super Target stores. I know the one in Boynton on Congress always has really fresh hot dog buns there. I don't remember if they are split.