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Nov 28, 2009 02:00 PM

L.A Food Truck Phenomenon: Any Recs?

I find that the recent L.A gourmet food truck phenomenon to be exciting! Any recommendations or r

I find the recent boom of L.A gourmet food trucks to be exciting! Any recommendations of what you've tried out there? I've tried the big 2 : Kogi truck & Marked 5. I prefer and like Marked 5 better than Kogi. I'm curious about Lomo Arigato's saltado, Frysmith's Kimchi fries with pork belly, and the grilled cheese truck, and other ones out there. Please share your experience!


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  1. We love them too as we prefer casual and dine in home... So far our favorites have been...

    * Baby's Bad @SS burgers for their sliders and mini hot dogs...
    * Phily West for their cheese steaks
    * Lets Be Frank (although we've loved them since they have been a hot dog cart in Culver City...)
    * Don Chow Tacos, one of the most surprising for their Fajita Chow Fun.


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    1. re: Dommy

      Do you mean South Philly Experience for cheese steaks?

      1. re: a_and_w

        Yes! I'm sorry! Thanksgiving fried my brain... LOL!


        1. re: a_and_w

          I tried that South Philly one the other day. It was good & authentic (Wiz wit, on an Amoroso roll) but ridiculously expensive. I think it was over $8 for a sandwich, no sides, and nowhere to sit. I can get the same sandwich at several places in my neighborhood, and also have the option to order a side (and top the sandwich with chopped or sliced peppers), and sit down and eat it the moment it's ready. Cheesesteaks do not travel well.

          1. re: Jack Flash

            Agreed re the price, though I'm happy to pay a little more for a quality product which South Philly is. Where can you get the same sandwich in your neighborhood?

            1. re: a_and_w

              Philly's Best & Luigi Ortega's, in Pasadena. We used to also have Fredo's, but it closed. I can also get a good cheese steak (though no Amoroso roll or Wiz) at Lee's Hoagie House.

          2. re: a_and_w

            I tried the South Philly Experience tonight, with a Cheesesteak wit wiz, and loved it! Best Cheesesteak I've had in LA. Loved that they had the peppers there too. Thought it was a bit expensive ($9.30, and I was still a little hungry afterwards) though, but I guess that's what's happening with this food truck phenomenon.

          3. re: Dommy

            My new obsession at South Philly Experience is the Italian sandwich -- their broccoli rabe is so garlickly and good. I only wish they had roasted pork or at least some fried chicken cutlet. Still, the steak and chicken breast are quite good.

            1. re: a_and_w

              Just had an Italian from South Philly Experience. While it could use a little more provolone cheese since there's so much meat, it was a fantastic sandwich. The juice from the onions, broccoli rabe and chopped steak was literally rolling around the wrapped wax paper. I want another one...

          4. Besides Kogi, India Jones is pretty good food and price-wise. Border Grill's is good as well, but a bit on the high side - though, I think it's worth it every once in awhile.

            On the opposite end of the spectrum, I would avoid the Green Truck - while organic is good, it's too expensive for what it is and they seem to have a bad habit of overcharging people.

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            1. re: Pumpkin_Head

              Oh yes! The India Jones truck! Love their curry specials... so great!!!


            2. I liked the Border Grill truck but the tacos are small and it takes 4 or 5 for a meal and at 3.00 a piece it is expensive for truck food. Marked 5 was ok and unique . I wasn't thrilled by the Kogi Truck and Green Truck was an OK hamburger. I go to the South Philly truck almost every time that is on Olympic and Butler. They have good Cheesesteak sandwiches and the price is ok. I stopped by the Gastobus and it looked interesting but i had already eaten lunch but next time that it is in the area I would like to try it.

              1. One more for India Jones.

                Although I'll take any above average taco truck over any of the following:

                The rest that I have tried in order of preference:

                Fish Lips, Nom Nom, Lomo, Kogi, Border Grill, Barbies BBQ (?), ....and did not dig Babies BBQ Burgers. Had the aged beef with truffle oil and tossed one of the two. (Note that this is different than Barbies BBQ. I re-read my post and realized one could be mistaken for the other.)

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                1. re: LATrapp

                  I agree with Chuck and thought that Kogi was mehh...the only thing I liked from their truck was the kimchi quesadilla. The tacos and hotdog was not my thing.

                  I had the chance to try Frysmith & Buttermilk truck last night at the Brigg.

                  The buttermilk truck is good, but not spectacular. I thought that the buttermilk pancake bites was cute, a novelty and good for late night snacks. I tried the red velvet with chocolate chips pancake bites. Then I also tried the fried chicken and cinnamon waffles which was okay, i like the waffles by itself but not with the fried chicken.

                  I'm in love with Frysmith! Man oh man their Kimchi fries with pork belly, Rajas fries with steak is really really SPECTACULAR! The fries are frites style and it was salty, crunchy, delicious! I also tried their hot chocolate with home made marshmallows which is really comforting in the cold weather. Rich and dark hot chocolate! I can't wait to go back. I want to try their chili chocolate cookies next time and the soda pairings.

                  1. re: Oishi_ne

                    Although now it's relatively easy to avoid the lines at the Kogi truck with their multiple trucks, I still find it a much better idea to hit the Alibi Room for Kogi Tacos and Kogi Fries which are exclusive to them and SO good...

                    Thanks for the review on Frysmith!! We were in Abbot Kinney last night and grabbed a bite at Lemonade and just missed them as they were setting up...


                    1. re: Oishi_ne

                      Tried Frysmith's Chili Cheese Fries today and wasn't very impressed. I like their set up and the people where very nice, so I might give one of their other items a try sometime. But the chili itself didn't do anything for me. And the fries had zero salt on them. It was noticeable even with the chili and cheese. But once the toppings were gone, the huge portion of fries that remained where basically tasteless and begging for salt. I imagine they have it available, but I'd already strayed too far from the truck to bother going back.

                  2. Still haven' tried Marked 5 or Lomo but have hit a ton of the others so long as they make it near my Santa Monica office.

                    Kogi is still my favorite though I'd admit that if I factor in hassle vs. food quality I find myself at Calbi quite a bit. Slightly less good food but about 30 minutes less wait as well.

                    Border Grill as other mention is good but more expensive with smaller portions.

                    I think Philly Steak Experience ranks up there with the best Philly Steaks in LA

                    India Jones is quite good.

                    Thought Nom Nom wasn't terribly great, good as a option if nearby but I'm not looking forward to my next one. Same goes for Don Chow.

                    Still keep trying to make it to Silverlake one weekend for Ricky's