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Nov 28, 2009 01:44 PM

New Hope. Need suggestons.

We haven't been back in over 2 years. Staying for 3 nights in early December. Anything new on the radar? Staying at the Mansion Inn and are planning to dine there. Could use help with other lunch and dinner places you would suggest. $$$ not an issue. Just great chow.

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  1. The Mansion would be a recommendation. Avoid Havana. Consider Mother's. But also consider a walk across the bridge to Lambertville, NJ. Hamilton Grill is a good pick. If coming by car, Doylestown, PA is just 20 minutes further down the pike into Bucks County with Honey, Domani Star and many others.

    1. Cross the bridge to Lambertville for dinner, and eat at the bar at Deanna's.

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        I haven't been to Deanna's in several years -- since they moved to their new location and obtained a liquor license, in fact. We used to enjoy it. Is it still good?

        1. re: CindyJ

          We will have a car so Doylestown is no problem. Deanna's sounds good. Any thoughts on Karla's and The Logan Inn. Have been coming to NH for many years so just wondering if some of our old standbys are still good. No.9, Manon, Lilly's, Martines, Sergeantsville Inn, Inn at Phillip's Mill, Zoubi, Esca, Tastebuds?

          Really appreciate your feedback.

          1. re: CindyJ

            It's wonderful. Reasonable price, excellent food. Last time I was there, even the side of broccoli was amazing.

        2. Mothers is great, as is Lily's on the Canal and I too have heard good things about Hamilton but never been. Lambertville Station isn't bad too.