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Nov 28, 2009 12:27 PM

Salt Packed Anchovies

Does anyone know where I can buy salt cured-packed anchovies? I have seen them at Italian grocers in the past - packed in a large tin and one could buy them individually as required. I tried last month at Milano's and was told that the Federal Gov't has (in its usual infinite wisdom) banned import of this product and it is no longer available. Can anyone confirm this - if so, are they available under the table anywhere?

A staple of great Italian sauces, the ubiquitous oil packed anchovies just don't cut it.

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  1. Mourelatos definitely had them but I have not been there in over 1 month, so I can't confirm if they still do. Maybe try calling and asking.

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        The Chowhound Team seems to have overlooked the fact that the subthread they moved was, indeed, on track, in that it replied to your query: I've tried Capitol a couple of months ago and they didn't have them, though I didn't ask why. Friends who were looking for them in Little Italy and Mile End last March came up empty-handed until they finally found a can in a Portuguese store. Will ask which store but you had to buy a whole can, they weren't as good as the ones Milano and Capitol used to stock and they may well have been imported before a ban was imposed, if imposed one was.

      2. The Chowhound Team split a tangent speculating on the possibility that salt packed anchovies may be prohibited in Canada. Government regulation of food is handled on the Not About Food board, so that tangent now lives here:

        We ask everyone to continue suggesting places in Quebec that sell salt packed anchovies on the thread you're reading now. Thanks for keeping the discussion on track.

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          I clicked on this thread

          and received this
          This topic has been removed.

          I would like to know if the ban, which is being discussed here, stops the importation of that style of large can, or does it stop the practice of selling out of the can?
          If there is such a ban.

          Another question, can you still purchase salt-packed sardines out of a similar tin? Or does the ban (if there is such a ban) cover sardines as well?

          On a side note, I saw a 5lb tin in the Chelsea Market a few weeks back for all of $8. I really wanted to pick up a can, but didn't want to hump that thing all day walking through lower Manhatten. Didn't make it back to that market and thus no 5lb tin in my fridge...

        2. I was in Tranzo on the weekend and they had them.

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          1. re: mtlalex

            Thanks mtlalex - I'm off to Tranzo tomorrow!!

            1. re: rosario

              SUCCESS!!! at Tranzo. I got about a dozen of the little suckers for $4.50. Was told they always have these anchovies in stock.

              Thanks for all the suggestions and a special thanks to mtlalex.

              1. re: rosario

                Chasse et Peche on Monkland has anchovies in the can...was just looking throughout the city and finally settled with Anchovy Paste and then, of course, when I did not need it anymore there they were at Chasse et Peche for about 7 or so bucks...

                not to mention that I read above...Tranzo is my butcher and I did not think to go there...

                1. re: blondee_47

                  I purchased $5 worth at Tranzo yesterday but I'm interested in buying the can. Can you give me the address of Chasse et Peche on Monkland please?


                  1. re: rosario

                    it's just above St Viateur Bagel going East to Decarie...also near the SAAQ and same side..