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Nov 28, 2009 12:05 PM

Isla Mujeres and Belize

Will be spending the next few months down in Mexico. We go to Isla for a regatta every other year and always seem to eat at Rolandi's. Any other suggestions for Isla?

Will be heading to Belize after Christmas. Dining suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Well here I am in Ambergris Caye...getting ready to go to dinner at The Victoria House. We have been here a week and I think my favorite place is the Blue Water Grill, my husband prefers Wild Mango. We both enjoy the Blue Iguana...will be there Sunday to watch the Saints' game. Had delicious take out from Ali Babba last night and great roasted chicken from Celi's on Monday. We have enjoyed breakfast and lunch at Estel's. A favorite breaskfast spot is George's. Think Elvi's is grossly overrated. In Isla Mujeres, we discovered a new spot (to us) Olivia's, which serves fabulous middle eastern food...she is from Israel and he is from Greece...good combo food wise. We ate for the first time at Rolandi's Hotel, it was superb. Many meals at Rolandi's in the salt fish. JAX is the place to go when you want a hamburger and really good salsa. Bally Hoo on the pier at the Lima marina has the best guacamole, IMHO. All in all a great sailing and dining vacation.

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      Have you tried a lobster burrito at Waruguma's? Victoria House is always reliable and very pleasant with a group. You might check the "new in San Pedro Belize?" thread on the Caribbean board for more posts about Ambergris and Caye Caulker while you are still in the area. I have cleared customs sailing from Isla Mujeres, I'm curious where you cleared customs entering Belize? Corozal maybe, or does Ambergris have a customs office now? Did you do any fishing or spearing in the Chinchorro banks?

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        We cleared customs in is located near the Fisher Price airport above the Scotia bank. Customs and Immigration are next to each other. We have not done any fishing. Had to get to Ambergris to meet our son.
        We sailed from Isla and stopped the first night at Puerto Adventuras....hard to get in, but a nice marina with good food. Second night, Bahia Ascension and the third at Cayo Norte where we were greeted by the Mexican Marines...5 of them with M16s. Very pleasant, we were the first boat to stop in 2010 and they were thrilled to have something to do...fill out papers, etc. Victoria House was a big disappointment....really bad service...30 minutes to get a drink :-( Had a fabulous dinner at Ramon's last night...will go back. After Mass this morning, we are headed to the north side of the island to the Crazy Croc for BBQ....rave reviews from many people.