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Nov 28, 2009 11:23 AM

Adding chicken livers to coq au vin - should I?

I'm making coq au vin on Monday and have some chicken livers in my fridge so I was thinking... should I saute the livers with the bacon and add them to the final dish? Or is this an offal idea?

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  1. I wouldn't; if the dish is for guests, you might discourage them from enjoying it if they have an aversion to livers...however, I would think about offering it separately or even making a pate with the livers and serving with crackers or toasted bread for a app before the meal.

    1. An offal idea LOL

      +1 on no to the livers.

      1. Definitely a no. Not only do some people hate them, but they don't really go with that dish.

        These days, I find liver is increasingly an aficionado food.

        1. I'm cudgeling my brain, trying to come up with the name of the dish/sauce, red-wine based, that has chicken livers kind of dissolved into it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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            French? That seems to ring a bell - I was reading through the sauce section of Mastering the Art ... last week.

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                Just browsed through the sauce section, and I think I must have been thinking of Sauce Ragout (Flour-based brown sauce with giblets).

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              I too remember reading about dishes where mashed chicken livers are optionally added to enrich and deepen the flavor of the sauce. Googling turns up several ragu recipes calling for it, although I have a memory of it being called for in French dishes as well, like maybe Jacques Pepin or Julia Child talked about it.

              For the coq au vin, I think the chicken livers would be delicious morsels for those who like them. Those who didn't like them could easily avoid them, since they're large and distinct enough. If you decide to try it, do report back on what you thought. Me, I'd do it.

            2. I, too, vote no for the livers in the coq au vin. A very strong flavor and texture competing with the basic ingredients. I completely agree with Cherylptw in the app course...try some crustinis; sliced baguettes brushed with butter and olive oil then baked until very crisp.