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Nov 28, 2009 10:45 AM

Where to eat tasty food in Merida besides the market and Las Almendras?

Five years ago I ate well in Vallodolid but had a lackluster experience in Merida. Now I'm going there for a weeklong workshop anyway. Any suggestions on whether there's good local food there besides sopa de lima and zapote ice cream? I live in Mexico, am not looking for fancy restaurants, just tasty food so I'll feel better about myself and Merida. It can be Yucataneco, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian, vegetarian, whatever.

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  1. I think your best bet in Merida is Italian, for some reason Italians love Merida, they certainly visit in the summer. The Gran Hotel has good food adn there are lots of others in the Centro.

    1. If it's Sunday, eat from the carts at the craft market in the zocalo, by the cathedral. If it's not, tray El Fogoncito (one of the better chains). And if you've got money to burn, try La Recova in the north.

      1. Our favorites in Merida are: shellfish at La Pigua and Miele 8, cocina Mexicana at Casa de Frida (cash only), Yucatan food at Almendros and Eladio's, haute cuisine at Trotters, Hacienda Xcanatun or Nectar.

        1. I have good memories of Lebenese food in Merida which comes from the prior hemp trade merchants who helped put this city on the map. And the best breakfasts at a cafe across the street from the lovely little historic Hotel Caribe ( location: and its quiet courtyard and nearby park. Eggs, white cheese, sauce, totrillas, plantians, beans - all in a delicious lightly fried combo.