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Nov 28, 2009 10:44 AM

New Year's Eve

Looking for a place for New Year's Eve in Central NJ. We prefer live music with dancing and open bar. Went to L'Affaire for years when we lived in that area. Started out fabulous, then after a few years it started sliding (haven't been there in 3 years). We tried Trinity a couple of years ago, and while the food was great (as it always is), the entertainment was harder rock and the crowd was more the local folks popping in after dinner. Last year, we went to Jacques in Middletown. Thought the food was sparse, and somewhat mediocre, and the setup was poor. So......any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Do you still want a place in the Middletown area? If not, what areas are you looking for, or what do you call Central Jersey? -mJ

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          Hi. I am interested in this too. I am traveling up from MD. My dad is in the Marlboro/Freehold area and he suggested the Cornucopia Cruise in Perth Amboy and I gulped at the price especially when I expect the food wouldn't be that great. Maybe I'd take the kids (ages 7-13); maybe not. I did check out the suggestions in a 2008 post about New Year's EVe. Any more out there? Latin is okay. Open bar isn't required.

        2. I will be attending Piccola Italia's New Years Eve Party in Ocean (I recognize about a 20-30 minute drive from Middletown but I digress..). I should preface that I have never been there for New Years but have always been pleased with their food. My understanding is that there are going to be two seatings, the later one at 8:30pm.

          The later session is a 5 course meal which is rather pricey at $95, but the free champagne will allow you to forget about that for at least a few minutes. I suppose its still cheaper than NYC .

          They have a decent wine and beer list and the atmosphere happens to be perfect for what we are looking for...figured I'd throw it in the mix!!!!

          1. New Year's Eve is for indulging! That said, we will be local where we can walk. 4th year in a row at the same restaurant! -mJ

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              I just had lunch at Boulevard 572 in Kenilworth. They had some fliers out for New Year's Eve that sounded interesting. The food there has always been excellent.