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Any Info on Chinese Restaurant with Private Rooms

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of good/decent Chinese restaurants in the boston area that have private rooms available for a party of 10-15? Thanks in advance.


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  1. China Sky in Wellesley is very pretty and has good food. They have a nice room that is perfect for that size group. We have had several birthday dinners there and the service was excellent. They provided plates and utensils for a birthday cake and they were very easy to work with.

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      I agree China Sky is perfect. The private room is nice and the food is quite delicious. One of my favorite Chinese restaurants.

    2. I did a party at China Pearl Boston once. They have several different size rooms on the top floor. We did the smallest room with 2 big round tables in it. I think we had about 20 people. There was no charge for the room and we preordered the food which they brought out in courses for us.

      1. Mandarin Cuisine in West Roxbury (Putterham Circle) has not quite a separate room, but they have a separate area with a couple of tables. They are very, very nice there, and the food is decent.

        1. Fuloon has hosted many get-togethers of Chowhounds, some well into the double digits, in its back room. It's not the prettiest space, but it's the best Chinese restaurant in town.

          1. Along the lines of Mandarin Cuisine, Chef Chang's House on Beacon St. Brookline (St. Mary's stop on the Green Line) will screen off tables for you.

            Chef Chang's House
            1006 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

            1. royal east in cambridge has private rooms. they're super nice and well versed in banquets. otto is the owner (he is the son-in-law of chef chang in brookline too!)

              1. My choice would be the Szechuan Garden in Woburn right off Rte128. The restaurant is in an old colonial mansion (Baldwin Mansion) and they have a number of small rooms for regular dining on the first floor. Upstairs they have several larger rooms that can easily accommodate your party. The food is very, very good especially if your guests enjoy things on the hot and spicy side but the manager, Michael, will work with you to put a menu together to please all tastes or you can just order off their regular menu.

                1. I would also recommend the private room at Fuloon. It is not the best decorated room anywhere, but I actually think it is decorated quite nicely (the rest of the restaurant is decorated even more nicely). It is perfect for a party of 15. Maximum capacity is about 20. I was also impressed by the setting of the Szechuan Garden II in Woburn, although little things (like the repair of the bathrooms or the recentness of the paint on the wall) weren't up to the quality of Fuloon or Changsho. Changsho or Lotus Blossom might also be good choices --- they are pretty good for Americanized Chinese food but aren't authentic in the least, but are beautiful spaces. Any of the large Chinatown restaurants (i.e. Hei La Moon, China Pearl, Emperor's Garden, and Chau Chow City) have private rooms of varying sizes.

                  1. Thanks all! Great suggestions. Dinner's not until this January which gives us time to check out the places suggested.

                    1. New Shanghai has a private room with lazy Susan tables. Great combo of Beijing and Sichuan cuisines (but no Shanghainese to speak of anymore).