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Nov 28, 2009 09:52 AM

Sunday brunch in Houston

Looking for a fun atmosphere and good food! Where to have Sunday brunch in Houston to celebrate my son's (24) birthday?

Was considering the gospel brunch at HOB until I read disastrous reviews. Places that come to mind - Hugo's, Hotel ZaZa, Mockingbird Bistro, LaStrada. Any help will most certainly be appreciated ... been to The Houstonian, Danton's, "17". Prefer to stay in or around the loop.

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  1. Hugo's for Sunday brunch is fun and the food is terrific. Go there.

    1. Hugo's would be great food and fun for all, including a 24-year old. Mockingbird would be great food, but more on the fine dining side, but I woudn't be my choice if I was looking for a fun, lively time.

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        I 3rd the motion for Hugo's!

        Remember to pace yourself so you can try everything - I didn't make it to the last few items - too stuffed. Go around 11:30ish, since the live band starts playing around noon. make reservations if possible.

        Have a great time.

      2. Bistro Calais and Dharma Cafe!

        1. Many thanks for all the suggestions. We enjoyed a fabulous time and a wonderful brunch at Hugo's.
          Will return soon knowing what to expect.

          1. The original comment has been removed