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Nov 28, 2009 08:43 AM

East Harbor Seafood Palace quick review

Went for dim sum brunch today. About three blocks from the 8th Ave N train stop. Upon arrival, noticed that we were the only non-Asian group in the place, always a good sign in my experience. Arrived at around 10AM and were immediately seated. Place started to get really packed around 10:30. Overall, food seemed very fresh and at the beginning was plentiful. As it got packed, we saw the carts less and less. Four of us ate for $10 pp. Great meal for the price. I have no complaints about this place and would definitely go back.

Favs - Pork buns, very velvety texture, sweet bbq inside with plenty of pork, my fav
Some sort of pork ball, wrapped in bacon, dipped in mayo.
Pork shu mai
Shrimp "roll ups" in some sort of rice noodle
"Donut" with I think coconut or pineapple curd

Eh - chicken feet, good taste but too much work for little reward
cow tail (I think), see above for chicken feet
Fried bread wrapped in noodle, a bit soggy.

East Harbor
714 65th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220

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  1. East Harbor's fish balls are classic - will remind you of the best of Grandma's fluffy matzoh balls...and what a space!

    1. We were there the same day, tho much later. I really liked this place--friendly servers and fresh good food. Har gao were stellar, and had other good dim sum as well. also ordered pea leaves off the menu and they were outstanding--sauteed with garlic and very very fresh.

      9 of us ate for $65--tho this included 4 kids.

      would definitely go back.