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Nov 28, 2009 08:14 AM

Early dinner near Yonge & Adelaide?

Looking for recs for a mid priced restaurant walking distance to Yonge & Adelaide. Mains in the $20-$30 range. We'll be eating fairly early and defintely not lingering becuase we have a show to catch at 7:30 so good efficiant service would be nice.

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  1. I was looking for similar near Roy Thompson Hall for tonight and just booked Vertical. Nota Bene is another good option.

    1. Beerbistro is also quite close to Yonge and Adelaide.

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        Second the Beer Bistro recommendation. I took my inlaws there and the were thrilled with the food. The service was excellent as well. Where ever you go so long as you tell the server when you walk in the time that you need to be out I suspect you will find that restaus in the area are reasonably good at accommodating timelines.

        1. re: Otonabee

          Another vote for BBistro - along with a recommendation of mussels and frites, a good portion for an earlier dinner and they always come out quickly. Sharing is also possible, and can help cut down the cost.

          This time of year they have a great beer (IMO, some others have disagreed) called Quelque Chose by Unibroue (makers of Maudite, Blanche de Chambly, etc) which they serve warm. It has fruity notes, but my dining companion and I usually strongly avoid fruit beer, and even we love the holiday taste and feel of this one. Just throwing that out there!

          Otonabee is right about the service, we go to BBistro once or twice per month, so not exactly "regulars," but the servers always recognize us, are so friendly, let us know what's new and exciting, etc. In my experience, they will bend over backwards to ensure you have a great time and a good meal!

          1. re: c.cow

            lol, I love Unibroue's Ephemère Pomme! BB has the Cassis version in now. Really tasty. (... I.. am not a beer drinker, can you tell?)

            Beer Bistro
            18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

            1. re: jlunar

              Fruit beer counts! :)
              What is the Cassis one like? Is the cassis flavour very strong? Any comparison to a Kir? (Just curious because we have our annual double birthday date at BBistro next week and we always go all out trying new beers... this one seems intriguing!)

              1. re: c.cow

                I AM a beer drinker, and I liked it quite a bit, too. :) The blackcurrant flavor is definitely forward, but it's not cloyingly fruity or sweet, like a lot of fruit beers can be. It's a very wine-y beer, so the kir isn't a bad comparison...if you subtract the sugar and add bubbles.

      2. Terroni and Osteria is in that neck of the woods. Osteria might be faster and nicer for a light meal. Food is... acceptable at the latter. I've only been once, (last week) and some of the antipasto was good, but it was only 2/5 dishes we had that we liked. That being said, 5 apps were $15, which I thought was pretty decent value. Pastas are better at Terroni and of the two we ordered, I preferred the meatball (read:sausage) and chanterelles. I didn't like the lamb entree I had either. Menu changes daily, so don't know exactly what you'll get.

        57 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C1K6, CA

        106 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5C, CA

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        1. re: jlunar

          I wouldn't recommend Osteria at all. That place verges on nonsensical.

          I would, however, recommend Rodney's By Bay. Very efficient service, good food, relaxed atmosphere. You can linger, but on the couple of occasions I've been there on a schedule it was easy to leave on time and not feel rushed at all.

          Rodney's By Bay
          56 Temperance Street, Toronto, ON M5H 3V5, CA

        2. Wow, I am devastated about Osteria (the name is really Ciceri e Tria). I love this place and so do all of my friends. I am hoping to book it for my bday next year. Not sure what you don't like but that's quality italian at its best AND fabulous wines and good service too!

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          1. re: blackpearl

            I thought Ciceri e Tria was their signature dish, the one with boiled and fried chick peas and noodles? IMO that is pretty tasty, though I like bland food!

            Can't speak for everyone who has expressed dissatisfaction with Osteria, but here are some complaints I could offer:
            1) The menu only seems like good value to me if you choose one of the antipasti+something else options. The primi/secondi dishes are too small on their own to be a) filling or b) worth the prices
            2) Yes, some of the food can be good. Again, this is an area where the antipasti seem to shine, and I have had luck with a couple of the primi/secondi dishes. But every time I've been, someone has ended up with a long face during their main, whether because of portion size, unappetizing sauce, or discrepancies between what they expected from the menu and what was actually served, like a dish with pasta and roasted veg, no other sauce or seasoning.
            3) Some of the staff are great, in particular there is an older (compared to the 20-somethings) lady who is very helpful and friendly. But some of the younger ones have no charisma and seemingly no interest in ensuring a good meal.

            All of that said, it's a relatively good place to go before a show at the Elgin or Pantages if you want to be really close by, but I wouldn't consider it a "destination" place for a special occasion.