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Nov 28, 2009 08:14 AM

Tasting menus in Calgary

Looking for some recommendations... short notice, but would be for this evening.

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  1. The one at Kensington riverside inn was very good, I had it about a year ago. The one at Rush is also very good, again almost a year since I had it. Il Sogno also had one when I went a few months ago but it was quite expensive relative to just ordering 4 courses a la carte. Capo has had tasting menus in the past but I don't know if they have one on now, last time I went they had "trios" of things that were like a tasting menu..

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      Hsk, as a matter of interest how was Il Sogno? i haven't been there for some time.

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        It was very good food, great service as always. I just didn't care for the pork tenderloin for the main on the tasting menu, a large portion that was more like entree sized, perfectly cooked but not my thing. If you added up the equivalent menu prices of what they gave you it was substantially less than the $85 charged for the 4-course tasting menu. Usually tasting menus are smaller portions of more items so if there's an item you don't care for it's no big deal.

        It was the first time I'd been since Chabot left, I'll go back but I don't think I'll get the tasting menu.

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          Thanks, it sounds like they haven't missed a beat despite Chabot's departure.

    2. In order of what I would try for, Chef's Table, Rush, Teatro, Il Sogno, probably lots more... but unless things have really changed might be tough to get into any of them.

      1. Q Haute Cusisne - I was there a couple of weeks ago - 6 courses for ~$100. Meal was good and service was very good. Middle of the week so other than a function in another room the place was empty.

        As to booking a table at Q Haute or any of the other choices mentioned, try All the restaurants have tables (for 2) available for tonight although you may have to go earlier or later to get a table. (Q Haute is offline so it does not appear).

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          My favourite tasting menu is at Chef's table. Also there is Rush and Riverside Cafe. The nice thing about River Cafe is that they will accomodate broad requests (like allergies) if you let them know in advance.

        2. Cactus Club. We bought it at a silent auction so not sure on the price. There were about 4 starters, 3mains and 4 desserts along with various signature cocktails and wine pairings. They were great about tailoring menu for my lactose intolerant friend. The only thing I would not have again is the beef carpaccio, but thats a personal preference. My dining companions loved it.