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Nov 28, 2009 07:50 AM

Your fantasy Iron Chef episode

..wherein you get to be a judge. Pick up to four chefs, in combinations of one or two.

Mine's Mario Batali and Tony Bourdain vs. susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken. Imagine the food- and Bourdain would be there more for entertainment value because Batali is a force unto himself. But hey- it's my fantasy show.

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  1. Thomas Keller and Eric Ripert v. Juan Mari Arzak and Ferran Adria

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    1. Well, sadly, my fantasy would no longer be possible, but I would have liked to have seen Madeleine Kamman challenge Julia Child.

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      1. re: Normandie

        Mmm. Kamman was so rude where Child was concerned. I would have liked to see Julia mop up the floor with her.

        1. re: jmckee

          I'm afraid you'll have to fill me in on that one, j. (If you care to, that is.)

          1. re: Normandie

            In "Appetite for Life", a biography of Child, Kamman is quoted as saying, among other things, that she would "teach that dame how to cook." She appears to have been extremely jealous of Child's success, taking any opportunity to bash her. Julia just ignored her.

            1. re: jmckee

              kamman called julia a "dame"? ha ha, how "classy" of madeleine! i'm picturing some gun moll with a cig hangin' out of her mouth, toting a shotgun! (this is her cousin, the "jane from hell's kitchen"

      2. I'd love to see a Mario vs. Lydia battle. I would pay money to see it if they changed the rules and made it a blind tasting.

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        1. re: DDR4040

          Do you feel a blind tasting might alter the outcome, DDR?

        2. Gordon Ramsay vs. Eric Ripert. Secret ingredient: Rice.

          Mario Batali vs. Marco Pierre White. Secret ingredient: Garlic.

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          1. re: paris221966

            I'd love to see that garlic battle, paris.

            I was thinking last night when I posted about the secret ingredient I might like to see MK and JC do battle around.

            There's a part of me that would like to see "a secret ingredient" basis set aside, and instead see Madeleine and Julia go head to head on five dishes from among French cuisine standards. But then I know you'd be limiting, to a certain degree at least, the latitude for creativity.

            So if i were to pick a secret ingredient for these two ladies, I think it would be cream.

            1. re: Normandie

              >>>So if i were to pick a secret ingredient for these two ladies, I think it would be cream.<<<

              ....or *mud* -- considering their personal history of animosity (mostly coming from kamman, i understand). now *that* is a "food fight" for some reality tv viewing! SPLAT!

              1. re: alkapal

                Gosh, I just saw your comment and jmckee's, and I'm beginning to think I must be the only person in the world who's not up on the MK-JC dish (oops, ha ha, get it, al? "dish").

                I don't know what happened betweened the two of them, but since it's fantasy, anyway, I just like to dream about judging (read: scarfing down) the various roasts, soups, pastries and potatoes these two ladies could whip up (ooops--ha ha--get it, al--"potatoes"..."whip up"....?).

                I'll settle down now. I'm hungry, in case you can't tell.

                1. re: Normandie

                  you be punny, girlfriend!
                  now, go eat!!

                  i didn't know about the hissy-fit either until i started a thread a while back about funny julia quotations. someone posted about their feud on that thread (or i *think* it was that thread). here's the thread:

          2. along your lines, ewsflash, here is a thread on fantasy "reverse throwdowns."