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Nov 28, 2009 06:07 AM

NE FLA/SE GA Barbecue

Blues Barbecue in Kingsland, GA has been replaced by G Daddy's. Same location just off of I95 and phone number. Pulled pork was OK with a slightly sweet mustard sauce. Sides include cole slaw, baked beans and potato salad and were not noteworthy. No brisket and no desserts. Do not go out of your way to try this place.

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  1. Please let us know why it was just OK by your standards. I would not expect desserts from a roadside BBQ stand where it's takeout only.

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      Sure enough...the pork did not have much flavor or smoke. Just bland and gristly. Kind of like Sonny's.

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        Got to try Frog's BBQ on hwy 27 in Williston over the turkey day weekend. I had passed it several times and saw the place packed so this time i decided to stop. The place says its been open since 1941. i usually judge a BBQ joint by their ribs so thats what I ordered. They might have been left over from a previous day. I did arrive at 11:00am so this might account for the dryness of the meat. They were a little over cooked and not very tender. What I did like was the brown sugary sauce. The prices didn't seem that bad either. Next time i stop i will try the chicken and pick up a bottle of their sauce.

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          We ate at The Pig in Jacksonville a few months back....Located on Normandy.....and we had ribs, chicken and pulled pork and all were cooked/smoked to perfection.....Vinegar-based sauce was also excellent.......


    2. I ALWAYS make it a point to hit the GA Pig in Brunswick. Wonderful BBQ, wonderful Brunswick Stew. My favorite.

      1. We just ate lunch at G-Daddy's (FKA Blues BBQ) in Kingston, GA, yesterday en route from Santee, SC, to south FL, and I am already trying to justify making a 5+ hour drive back north just to eat there again. After a lifetime of eating BBQ in restaurants, roadside pitstops, drive-thrus and dives in search of the perfect Q, I felt that yesterday I found the Holy Grail.

        G-Daddy's served up the chopped pork I've been searching for all these years--smoky yet still moist; intensely flavorful, with just enough sauce to enhance--but not drown--the rich, full, smoky porky goodness. Who needs brisket, dessert and a million sides when you all you really need is perfect BBQ on your plate? The whole *point* is the pork: if you want a salad bar, go to Sonny's; if you want BBQ heaven, sit at the plastic picnic table outside G-Daddy's and eat your fill.

        The place itself is like something from a dream: wedged in between a Wendy's and a McDonald's stands a small building engulfed in a cloud of pungent smoke. A sign proclaims, G-Daddy's BBQ, "Just As Good". Alongside the small building stands a screened-in smoking area with a smoker the size of a Chevy Suburban. A man inside the screened-in area pulls pork, ribs and chicken from the smoker and chops everything to order. Behind the smoking area is another enclosure where two men convert massive tree trunks to fuel for the smoker. As we pulled up, one man was slicing cross-sections of wood with a chain saw and the other was using an axe to chop the cross-sections into large chunks.

        When I placed my order, the man behind the window said, "Get ready for the best pork you've ever had." Friends, he wasn't lying. The pork was outstanding in every way, from the smoky flavor to the juicy texture to the crispy bits of skin mixed in with the meat. The beans (sweet but not overly so) were tangy and had minced jalapenos in them. The cole slaw was finely-chopped and, while not the best slaw on the planet, proved the perfect counterpoint for the smokiness of the chopped pork.

        I would disagree wholeheartedly with anyone who compares G-Daddy's pork Q to Sonny's. And I would strongly encourage any true BBQ fan to go out of his or her way to find this special place. I, for one, can't wait to go back.