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Nov 28, 2009 05:33 AM

San Antonio: Restaurant Featured on Diners, Dives and

Last night a SA restaurant was featured that looked terrific. Its a situated in a carwash and they cook up gourmet foods including fish tacos, lamb burgers and a variety of other items.. Thought the name was Cova or Covo,, but I can't find on an internet search... Help please....

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  1. Was this it?

    The Cove
    606 W. Cypress St.
    San Antonio, TX 78212
    Tel: (210) 227-2683

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    1. re: Monch

      Hey Monch,, that was quick! May have been... Run by a young 40 something couple and the addt'l chef really poured his heart into serving up complex sauce/spread combinations and great looking meals... I'm ready for a trip to SA! Would the above location be near downtown?


      1. re: bornie

        The Cove is just North of Downtown...Take San Pedro up to Cypress. It's just south of SAC.

        1. re: SAguy

          Excellent! SAC,, my home away from home in the mid-late seventies.. SAguy and Monch,, have u tried the food at The Cove? Critique....

          1. re: bornie

            Diners, Drive-in, and Dives...Im not going to Dis the Cove. but I don think they really fit the bill.

            If you want a blast form the past...Murf's better burger. Used to be Whopper Burger before Burger King(home of the whopper) came into town and bought them out.

            There were about six left in town, now its down to two...I remembered cuz there used to be one right there by Five points.

            I think I would chose a Murf's DoubleDouble over a Cove Lamb burger...
            There is still one open on IH10 and Basse and one on San Pedro and 410.

            Whopper Burger was a Drive-in...parked under that big front canopy...and the girls used to bring out your burgers.

            Think I'll go by Murf's real soon.

            1. re: SAguy

              I have a friend that is from SA and has been there all week. I asked him to try that four horseman burger. Anyone try this monster that is stuffed with hellish peppers such as the ass-burning ghost pepper?

              SAguy, where you also known elsewhere as SAguy_06, or something like that?

            2. re: bornie

              Here's a blast fro the past thats still kicking...MK Davis for 30 oz schooners of beer and Chicken Fried Steaks...Just a blk down on Poplar.