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Nov 28, 2009 05:14 AM

Georgetown CT

Little gourmet deli, Iwent recently and wanted gucamole and they made it to order it was superb along with the chips they also made to order. What about the other restaurants in that area? Tell me what, where and what to order, must be very clean in the kitchen! Thanks

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  1. Without question The Little Pub is hands down best restaurant in Georgetown (okay, technically Branchville, but for the less than 2 mile difference, it's worth the trip). Nothing else holds a candle to it (very) locally. And everything we've had there has been great.

    Can't vouch for any of the kitchens (do you actually ask to go in and inspect?).

    Georgetown Saloon is fun - esp. w/ the kids on Sunday nights for live "family" music. We're fans of the ribs, the burgers, and the chili.

    Tootzy Patza Pizza (also, techically, around the corner on Rte 7) out-pizzas Lombardi's by a mile, at least according to our gang.

    Rancho Alegre is decent Mexican but not outstanding. And if you want to know about MacDaddy's (and I'll bet you don't) you can read my comments under that thread...

    Were you at Olive Market for the guacamole? I don't think of that as a deli, and I can't imagine you mean Mini Vinny's (the owner is a great guy but I'd be shocked if he had an avocado anywhere in sight, much less made you guacamole and chips on request....)