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Nov 28, 2009 04:55 AM

Mochi ice cream in Tokyo?

Can anyone recommend a specific specialty mochi ice cream place in/around Shinjuku? Yukimi daifuku, I believe - I've made do so far during this trip to Tokyo with the Lotte version sold in convenience stores. I'm specifically looking for the ice cream version.

However, a search of this board suggests previous recommendations for Mochi Cream, a store with a wide variety of gourmet ice cream flavors, with rumors of a few locations around Shinjuku, most notably in the food basement of Mitsukoshi Alcott and at least one other near either the South or Northeast exit of Shinjuku station. I went looking for any of the locations this evening and struck out - not sure if they've closed, I had bad info, or I just wasn't looking in the right places. Sounds like there might still be a location in Narita Terminal 2, but I'm hoping for something before I leave...

Any other specialty shops? Prefer Shinjuku (we are staying at Sunroute Plaza) but could be open to other large areas. Mentions of department store basements would be helpful if you could confirm the specific store name and whether the store is still there as I've wandered a bit through several already with no luck.


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  1. Most convenience stores carry Yukimidaifuku, ice cream covered with a thin layer of mochi. Recently there have been limited edition flavors. One of my favorites is kinako (roasted soybean powder) with kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup).

    1. The Mochi Cream .com web site is not helpful on this... it might be too far for you but I know there is one Mochi Cream counter in Akihabara, below the Muji, across from the Yodobashi Akiba main entrance and on the other side of the tracks.

      Here's the address for the Muji, ready for Google Maps:


      If you put the above address in, the Mochi Cream is actually where the "31" icon is, to the right of the red map pin.

      1. My favorite spot is in B1 of the Seibu Depachika in Ikebukuro. Lots of flavors, very fresh. Haven't found a spot like it in Shinjuku. If you're at the Sunroute it will take you no time at all to get to Ikebukuro as you're at the South end of Shinjuku Station I believe, and Ikebukuro is not far at all. Don't quote me on this but I think the Depachika is near the East exit once you get to Ikebukuro station. My fav's are apple cinnamon and Creme Caramel.

        1. Just posting a long-overdue follow-up -- didn't manage to find/get to a location until the one at Narita on my way out. After a few pieces of fatty tuna belly at the kaiten sushi place in Terminal 2 to use up my remaining yen coins, I indulged what I'd been craving the whole trip -- 3 mochi ice creams at MochiCream. Green Tea (regular, not the premium), chocolate banana, and double mango were fabulous and only served to make me wish I'd managed to get to MochiCream earlier on my trip. Of the three, the double mango was my favorite with chocolate banana just behind. With all the wonderful flavors to choose from, had I found a location earlier I would have been there everyday I was in Tokyo.

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            Bumping this up....can anyone suggest which convenience store carries Yukimidaifuku?

            I have been popping into every Family Mart, am/pm, lawsons etc i walk past and cannot find anything remotely close to mochi creams...