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Nov 28, 2009 04:51 AM

Upscale in Glastonbury?

Going to be there for the first time next weekend. I am used to NYC food, so what will compare? I heard there is a good steakhouse, but what would you suggest for American or Seafood meals? Thanks!!!

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  1. There is a nice Steak place in Glastonbury called J.Gilberts Wood Fired Steaks. You could try, Including the web site, ( Take a look and see what you think,, Personaly havent been in a while,But maybe some other Chowhounds have been and can give you a better idea than me.. Good Luck. Earle CT.

    1. So you think all we're "used to" in Connecticut is bread and water? Sheesh! Maybe we can arrange to charge you $20 an hour for parking so you feel more at home. Max's, Gilbert's, CharKoon, Hopewell on a good night are all very good in my opinion, especially after a long day of working the farm

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      1. re: BiscuitBoy

        HA HA....I was just looking for something along the same lines as NYC chefs would do as I have not been to Glastonbury before but I did grow up in CT. I have heard J.Gilberts is good as well as Max's. Thank you both!!!

      2. A good local place is 2 Hopewell in South Glastonbury. The food is excellent and the ambience is simple but charming. We also like Max Fish for seafood and Max Amore for Italian. Both have good food and excellent service IMHO. Max Fish and 2 Hopewell are our favorites in town now.

        J. Gilberts is very good too but I don't like the decor. It is nothing special. Gilberts is part of a large chain restaurant company too which kind of shows. I would rather go to a local place personally. Jay

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        1. re: JayCT

          Jay, Thank you...I will look into Hopewell. It sounds great. Max Fish is on my list too.

        2. Also, you should consider Cavey's in adjacent Manchester, (7 minute drive with two separate restaurants, French upstairs and Italian downstairs) as well as Tango on Main Street in Glastonbury. Not sure what "NYC food" is, (neither place I listed serves Papaya King hot dogs, and neither place has Daniel Boulud in the kitchen), but you will enjoy extremely well prepared food at Cavey's, and a metro chic atmosphere at Tango. For seafood, I would go to Max Fish. If you are at all interested in Italian, I would skip Max Amore and make the drive to Cavey's upstairs restaurant.

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          1. re: FoodieJim

            Thank you so much foodieJim. I am going to look into Cavey's as I do enjoy Italian food.

            1. re: taboo

              Please note that I transposed the two Cavey's restaurants in my post above. It is Italian UP and French DOWN.

              1. re: FoodieJim

                I looked on the website and the French part actually looks amazing and very pretty. I am putting it at the top of the list. I will let you know where I end up after the weekend.

            2. re: FoodieJim

              I think you have Cavey's inverted. Isn't the upstairs Italian and the downstairs French. Also, Please tell me the route that gets you from, say, Main and Hebron Ave in Glastonbury to Manchester in 7 minutes. I might buy into 15 minuates.

              1. re: sbxstr

                1. I already posted about the inversion.
                2. Why would you use Main and Hebron as a starting point? Few people actually live in that area which is a business district. From Hebron Ave and Manchester Rd, 7 minutes is doable if you hit the lights right.

                1. re: FoodieJim

                  I think we should call you "WheelmanJim" instead of FoodieJim!

                  1. re: FoodieJim

                    I suspect the center of Glastonbury's population is much closer to Main and Hebron than Hebron and Manchester, which is in the northeast corner of the town. Sorry I missed your inversion post by 18 minutes.

                    1. re: sbxstr

                      Sorry, but the geographic center of town is Neipsic Bog/Gideon Welles School, which is much closer to Hebron and Manchester. Hebron and Main is far too close to: 1) E. Hartford; 2) the river; and 3) the business district to capture anywhere close to the center of the population.

                2. re: FoodieJim

                  Jim - glad you mentioned Tango - it's one of my favorite places but seems to be a well kept secret. The atmosphere is nice, the food is incredible and the price, very reasonable. I'm not sure why they're not busier - I did see a write up on their chef (forget his name - he's from Italy) in Hartford Magazine. You're the foodie - maybe you have the inside scoop.

                  1. re: MarieLouise

                    We stopped in Tango for a drink and I want to go back to eat looks wonderful

                    1. re: MarieLouise

                      100% my own opinion and not based on any "fact" whatsoever, but I believe that the reason this place hasn't taken off is that until you actually eat there, you have no idea what the restaurant is trying to be. With all the horrid South American restaurants that have waiters walking around with swords/skewers of meat waiting for you to flag them down, coupled with equally horrid "fusion-Latin" food (think: Azul of a few years ago), I think that naming the place "Tango" and trumpeting the Argentinian connection was a terrible mistake. Folks don't know if they are going to a Brazilian churrascaria, a new wave Latin wannabe, or a restaurant with Agrentinian food (whatever their idea of that might be). But what they don't get a sense of is the fact that the menu is of normal continental fare with Italian dishes mixed in. Once you go, you get it. But I'll bet plenty of people shy away from the place due to their complete lack of understanding of what awaits them. Yes, I get the fact that Argentina has a large population of people of Italian descent. But in this part of the country (where Italian food makes up a large percentage of "fine dining"), disguising Italian food as South American cuisine is simply a bad idea.

                  2. So last night we went to 2 Hopewell. GREAT service and food. The owners were there and could not have been nicer. Grilled shrimp and the beef carpaccio to start. Seared tuna over israeli cous cous and the veal chop as main courses. Great flavors infused all the dishes. Sorbet to finish off the meal. We had a really nice Paul Hobbs Pinot with the meal. We will go back for sure to try more! I will update the rest of the weekend on Monday.