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Nov 28, 2009 03:41 AM

Chef Academy on Bravo

I'm surprised that no one has posted about this show yet. It's another in the line of reality cooking shows on Bravo. It's absolutely terrible, but I'm a sucker for cooking shows, no matter how bad so I'm hooked. Along the lines of Hell's Kitchen it it totally edited for drama. They picked a group of "students" purely based on their personality/TV persona, there are only maybe one or two that seem to be able to cook. I mean "The Porn Star", "The OC Housewife", etc. Ugh. Though the chef actually does show some good recipes/techniques (I'm dying to try making that carmel basket).

Though as bad as it is nothing, and I do mean nothing, is as bad as The Naughty Kitchen. Worst Show Ever! And yes I am hooked on that too :)

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  1. Whoops I just saw the other thread on this, I did not get the connection that this guy was the world's sexiest chef. I just don't see it!

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      I don't see it either. In fact, I don't think i've EVER seen a sexy male chef, although I thought Danny from Hell's Kitchen was cute. Hmmmm... food for thought.

      1. re: CookieWeasel

        "In fact, I don't think i've EVER seen a sexy male chef,"
        hellooo...Eric Ripert!!!

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          Eric Ripert, Gordon Ramsay, and Rocco Dispirito all come to mind right away :D.

          I think I have a fetish for male chefs, though. *swoon*

      2. I have a totally different take on the show.

        I actually don't think it's terrible. I expected it to be really bad, but i liked that the chef focused on picking students (not on their personality) but on what food/cooking meant to them. And whether or not he was chosen by (by who anyway?) as the world's sexiest chef seems totally irrelevant.

        I like that some of the "students" are trained in some culinary school and others are self-taught. I like that he's demanding, but not screaming at any of them. I like that the students and viewers are getting recipes and techniques. I like his clueless gay assistant. I like that the other chef (Kitchen? -- what a great name) -- the English guy -- is steady and not flashy and supportive.

        I will continue to watch. And I do not EVER watch Hell's Kitchen because it for me just an opportunity for Ramsay to yell at people for not knowing how to cook who were chosen because they don't know how to cook and for what you describe about being totally edited for drama.

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        1. re: chicgail

          I like it, too. I like that he genuinely seems to want his students to do well, and that he's as lavish with his praise as he is with his criticisms. I like that I can actually learn some interesting cooking tips and there's actually quite a bit of cooking.

          I think the problem with the show comes from the necessity of manufacturing some kind of dramatic narrative -- because, frankly, a bunch of people learning how to cook doesn't make for much of a television series. I thought it was interesting, for example, that some of the participants are thinking of it like a competition, when in fact it isn't. But we're so used to the structure of competitive reality shows that it's hard to envision one that isn't a competition.

        2. It's been posted about... I don't think it's terrible at all. I was ready for it to be unwatchably bad, but it's not.

          1. i finally just saw an episode the other night, and i actually enjoyed it. i like that their tests are cumulative so we can see whether or not each of the chefs grows/learns/improves as it goes on, and get a sense of their personalities throughout the season. that OC housewife, however, has GOT to do something about those hot pink talons and the bling. it's distracting and unsanitary - i'm surprised Novelli hasn't said anything to her.

            1. I love it! I'm hooked! And I find myself rooting for the always-late porn star Emanuel and the bling-bling pannekaker-making Swedish-American. Wow-- it is such a great feeling to be excited over a cooking show again. Keep it up, Bravo!