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Nov 27, 2009 09:26 PM

Churrasco Portugril on Danforth Rd.

A friend of mine mentioned recently that he likes churrasco, and I remembered reading about Portugril on this site, so off we went. It's the only churrasco place I knew of in the Scarborough area.

First impression is that the place is very clean and well looked after. The counter guys are very friendly and helpful. The customers that came through while we were there all seemed to be regulars. One of them told us to make sure not to miss trying the custard tarts.

We both had the 1/4 churrasco chicken with medium sauce. I had poutine as a side; he had rice and fries. I had the dark quarter and he the white portion.

The chicken was very moist and tasty. Medium sauce had a nice kick that built slowly, backed by lots of flavour (I hate heat without flavour). The spice mixture on the skin was really good.

The fries were delicious. Does anyone know if they are fresh cut or premium frozen? I'm not enough of a purist to not enjoy some frozen fries if they are cooked well. I think these were fresh, though. The poutine was okay. The gravy was perhaps not hot enough, and too thin, so that it puddled at the bottom of the plate while the curds just sat there. I really enjoyed the light, thin gravy, though, so would skip the poutine next time and just get fries with gravy. The leftover gravy and piri piri mixed together on my plate into an irresistible combination that I wished I'd had some bread to sop up.

The 1/4 dark portion was way too small, though. I'd definitely get a half next time. Prices are excellent, so I don't mind getting the bigger order. My friend found his white 1/4 good, though the breast meat itself was the tiniest bit dry (normal dry, he said). I forgot to ask him how the rice was, but he ate it all.

Whoever the customer was who recommended the custard tart...thanks for the reco. It was delicious -- a wonderful mix of sweet, creamy filling and slightly charred pastry. I could have eaten four more.

I seem to remember, but can't find, a thread discussing whether the rotisserie chicken is better than the churrasco. Also, wondering which sandwiches are recommended. The "pork and cheese" sounds interesting, as does the half chicken sandwich with piri piri. That must be some huge bread.

We'll definitely go back, so hoping for some menu recos from any of the regulars who are CH's.

1733 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M1K, CA

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  1. Poutine at a Portuguese restaurant? What am I missing here, I've been to a few and have never seen poutine on a menu. French fries, definitely, but no cheese curds.....

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    1. re: Chachama

      I suppose it's an 'accommodation' to the preferences of their customers, or to poutine's current popularity -- everybody seems to serve it. If it helps, it's usually offered as a special with chicken chopped into the mix.

    2. Nice review...this is on their website...We use only vegetable oil and Yukon Gold potatoes to make our home-cut chips. Yes, using frozen would be much less expensive and a lot less work, but that's just not acceptable at Portugril.

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      1. re: vaiguy777

        I guess I should have trusted my instincts (or searched the Web site more carefully). They were quite tasty.

      2. Speaking of churrasqueiras, has anyone been to the one at the southeast corner of Dufferin and Glencairn? I just noticed it for the first time the other day.

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        1. re: Tatai

          Are you talking about Darosa? It's been there for ages. I keep meaning to try it so I would be curious to know if anyone has and what they think.

          1. re: fickle

            Yes, that's it. I'm assuming I've gone by it dozens of times while driving on Dufferin and never noticed it; this time I was heading west on Glencairn towards Dufferin and it caught my eye.