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Pictures of your food?

Does anyone take pictures of their food? I'm not talking high tech magazine-quality pics or anything, just a quick snapshot of a great looking plate of food before digging in.

My mom and I seem to do this for each other and it's never mattered if it's a meal while dining out or something we have prepared at home. I tend to post pics on my facebook page and I've had more comments on my pictures of food then usually anything else!

People giggle at me when I'm eating and pull out my phone to take a pic of my food while everyone else is digging in but, I just can't seem to help it.

Just wanted to poll the public and see if anyone else did this and if so, why?

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  1. I definitely did, because i was proud of myself for pulling off my second thanksgiving for more than two people ever..... even though all indications said it wasn't going to... (spilled half the brine all over the floor and counter.... and everything on the counter. not me, my DB, I have an injury so he had to do the lifting..... dropped pecan pie...) I also posted my pics on facebook and got way more comments on those than my normal pics, is that saying something? lol...

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      and for some reason the rest of my pictures, even though they are small enough, aren't loading right now... i'lll try again later

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        I love your ta-da pose with your festive table. The artistically plated green beans are an especially nice touch.

        EDIT: OP, I didn't mean to ignore your question. Yes! I love to take pictures of my food--both home-cooking and meals out (when I can do so discreetly). For a more detailed answer with evidence, check out the photo link on my profile page. HA HA HA!

        Better still, here is one of my favorite threads from Sal Vanilla this past summer. It would be fun if this thread came back to life with new "Pictures From Chowland!"

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          thanks :-) those green beans were a last minute inspiration. the plate looked so boring, and i saw the cranberries and walnuts from baking, and went, aha!!

      2. Here is some Dutch Oven cooking Pictures.

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          That's the best looking sheepherders bread I've ever seen!

        2. of course. i go into a coma looking at stunning food and beer photos.

          btw, check out this similar thread [http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/635647].

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            I take a lot of food photos. Take a lot of cooking classes and I want to be able to remember what we made, what it looked like to recreate the same dishes later as well as to show those back home what we did. Same thing with any nice dish made at home. Some friends also have asked me for photos of dishes, so I like to accommodate them. Not big on posting/blogging on Facebook, etc. - a little too much "showing off" for me.

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              MarkA, i do too. my backlog is huge [have more pics than time to process them]. it all started after i returned from a fantastic trip to Peru and Bolivia in 2003.

              do show us what you make/eat. no 'facebook' and such but i have a couple of pics on Flickr.

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              DROOL! Those are some serious ribs, Uncle Bob! I'm also jealous they are plated outside on the patio in warmer weather than we're having.

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                  I did this in a restaurant with fluorescent and window light (blue) on a Apple iPhone 3GS. It works a lot better than my previous BB, but there is no flash.
                  If these phones really become good, with optical zoom and more megs., my SLR won't get as much use.

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                  Wouldn't a second home be nice?...One North...One South ~~~~ I know when the humidity is high and the temperatures are pushing 100 + I would love to go North to Cooler weather...Then back South in the winter....Then again while I'm dreaming...Maybe just live permanently on a South Sea Island...on a cliff above a beautiful secluded lagoon...

              1. YES! My husband posts them all over facebook to make his friends jealous. It also allows us to share with family and friends who are also food buffs.

                Here is a sample of some of my more recent endeavours.

                1. I do if it comes out pretty but I'm not very good at pretty food and I'm worse at photography.

                  I want the photos for my recipe database. But when I don't have my own pic I can frequently find one at a cooking blog, epicurious or by googling the exact name of the recipe in quotes.

                  1. I snap pics with my crackberry if the meal is even remotely interesting. I am notorious about this, and my friends do not even question it anymore.

                    Attached are my last few meals. A fantastic handmade burger and fresh cut fries, dim sum seared shrimp and green onion dumplings, and todays Chinese beef noodle soup that is similar to Niu Nan. Fantastic hand stretched noodles and killer broth made this dish.

                    I wish my phone had a better camera built in.

                    1. Occasionally I'll photograph my food and put it into my Webshots. I've got an album for foody photos and I'm always surprised that it gets more downloads than any of my crafts or travel photos or our cute cats! I'm not THAT great a cook.

                      1. yes!! I take photos of everything!!! Cocktails, mannequins and food are my favorite, but when I wanted to start a photography business, my husband said "people" have money, so guess what I like to take photos of now.............

                        1. Uh oh, I must read way too many cooking blogs, -- I thought this practice was par for the "course" now!

                          1. Has anyone ever visited www.tastespotting.com. Based on the thousands of food photos posted there I'd say there are many, many folks who photograph their food. I love going to that site for inspiration when trying to decide what to cook.

                            I too post lots of food photos on Facebook and always receive a lot of feedback when I do. I love o read about and see what others are cooking and eating too.

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                              WOW!! That is some website! 1281 pages! More time in front of this computer, oh well!

                              1. re: mrbigshotno.1

                                Amazing, isn't it? I once tried to post a pic on and its very difficult. You'll notice that the photographs you see on that first page are one of thousands submitted by that particular member. But its a great source for recipes and inspiration to stage your own food photographs and recipes too.

                            2. I usually only do it when my dinner club gets together. The person who I help do the cooking is really pretty great with plating, so I make sure I get pics for the dinner write-ups. Some samples:

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                                wow, those are some amazing platings..... you're lucky to belong to such a dinner club!

                              2. We do, particularly when we're on vacation; can't get seafood that fresh and inexpensive in Ohio!

                                I also like open-fridge and pantry pictures.

                                Here are a few. My son's confirmation reception three years ago, pizzas he and I made together, and shrimp salad on tomato.

                                1. Yes indeed. For the last 3 years, my husband & I have been doing a food project where each week, we alternate cooking a meal we've never attempted before. We frequently document with photos and always write up a menu with the date. It's been so much fun. Here's a sample foto of an enchiladas dish. We don't get fancy with the camera, just my Canon digital elph.

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                                  1. re: SpudPal

                                    What a fun idea! And another ta-da pose (with the hand!). You must be friends with kubasd. ;) Where do you keep your write-ups? I really like this idea.

                                    I sometimes wish this site would be able to accomodate step-by-step with pictures. I documented a really cool recipe that way (just for myself and friends) recently, but there would be no way to share it here.

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                                      Yes, the hub & I totally feel moved to do the the ta-da when photographing the cookery! We write up the menus on these plain white 3 x 5 notepads I have around the house (I'd been using them for flipbooks). So I take these loose sheets and tape them into nice scrapbooks about once a year. They're really fun to flip through and reminisce about.

                                      It'd be neat to see your step-by-step recipe! Maybe Flickr or a blog template could facilitate it.

                                  2. Participating in many online forums I've found photos can be very useful to highlight your hobbies and share with the "group". Even more important they can serve as a tutorial to help spread the knowledge you've obtained to others. I've learned a lot from others in the same way. Just a way to give back. I don't take pictures of my food in a restaurant. I will take pictures of the preparation of a dish or the final outcome of a dish that I've made.

                                    1. YES! Please view the images page on my blog if you would like. My husband gets so frustrated b/c there are times the meal will become cold just so I can maybe get the "perfect shot." I find food... and everything about it... beautiful. http://cookwithcare.blogspot.com

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                                        Very nice images.... Good looking food..Makes me drool....but, but, but.....no Fried Catfish and Hush Puppies??? :))

                                        1. re: care11

                                          I really, really like your kitchen...not to mention the things that come out of it! And I'm fairly certain I've made that chickpea & rosemary soup before on your recommendation on "What's for dinner?" Very nice blog and photos!

                                          1. re: kattyeyes

                                            Uncle Bob & kattyeyes: Thank you both for your kind words! I can now tell my husband someone out there actually saw it! It's a sickness that only fellow Chowhound's would understand... so I feel I'm in a safe place! LOL! No hush puppies yet, but here are some Crab Cakes I just made:

                                            1. re: Uncle Bob

                                              Uncle Bob,

                                              what kind of smoker/grill is that you have there? TIA.

                                            2. I often take pics and send them on for our local restaurant review blog. I also send on any homemade food pics that turn out great.

                                              1. On a recent trip to Italy and France, I ended up with about as many photos of food as I did of the people I traveled with. There were photos of food that was served to us in restaurants as well as those taken in the markets -- produce, cheeses, fish, etc.

                                                Also, at home, when I remember, I take photos of certain dishes I'm preparing at different stages of preparation. I'm assembling the contents of what will become a family recipe book for my kids, and it will include family photos (in the kitchen or dining room) as well.

                                                1. Yes....the whole family does...my five year old always asks for the camera before he touches his food in a restaurant.lol

                                                  1. It's been a while since anyone posted on this thread but I thought it was pretty cool when a writer from the New York Times contacted me about this very subject! Here's the link to the finished, published article:


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                                                      Interesting! I wonder why when they mentioned Chowhound they didn't link to it like they did with most of the other websites they mentioned.

                                                    2. One vote for no. I am an advertising photographer, and though I do not do much real "food photography," I would never bother, due to the limitations of lighting, etc. Flash on camera does NOT make food look edible, at least not by my aesthetic. When I have done resort brochures, I arrive early, or very, very late, set up all of the gear, and do justice to the food. When illustrating cookbooks, I do this in-studio with a food stylist.

                                                      For photo-illustrations for quick articles, or on CH, I will shoot the restaurant's exterior, but no more. I would be upset if someone was firing a strobe in my eyes, while I was enjoying a wonderful meal. I would never inflict that on my fellow diners, and with only ambient lighting, I would not want to view the images later on.

                                                      Others will feel differently, and that is fine, so long as their strobes are not going off in my eyes.


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                                                        You'd be amazed by the photos the iPhone can produce without a flash. My local newspaper published a photo I took with my iPhone. And using the iPhone does not infringe upon anyone else's experience. I too would be annoyed if someone was snapping away while I was trying to enjoy my dining experience. Which reminds me of an experience I had at Per Se. A woman was yacking on her cell phone in the dining room - she should of been discreetly asked to take her call in the bar area or out in the mall (but wasn't, although she got plenty of dirty looks from several surrounding tables). Oh, and no I didn't take any photographs while at Per Se. :-)

                                                        1. re: lynnlato

                                                          Now, how cool is that--that your local paper published your photo, that is, not that some tactless fool was yakking on her cell at Per Se. ;) Nice goin', LL!

                                                          1. re: kattyeyes

                                                            Ha! Kind of, sort of. I was reading the paper one day and came across the photograph and was like "Hey! That's my photograph!" - I did not know they were going to use it and I didn't get credit. I had sent it to them in response to a request for readers favorite breakfasts in town. It was a lovely pic (if I may say so) of the oozing yolks of two poached eggs atop a pile of duck confit hash. Delicious stuff.

                                                            It was a good lesson learned though - don't throw your photographs out there to just anybody.

                                                            1. re: lynnlato

                                                              That's just wrong! Post it here so we can enjoy its loveliness. GEEZ, nothing like having a little promo like that then for them to snag the shot without thanking the reader. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

                                                              I'm a fool for oozing yolk, too, here is mine--see last pic in this post:

                                                              P.S. Do you know how to put a watermark on your photos?

                                                              1. re: kattyeyes

                                                                Girrrrl, that egg/spinach/mozzarella thing looked fabulous! I'm going to have to do that soon. I am a sucker for egg yolks.

                                                                I don't know how to put a watermark on a photo, but I don't think it's complicated. I think you have to purchase software.

                                                                Here is my favorite egg photo - everytime I look at it it makes me hungry for eggs and that delicious duck confit hash.

                                                                1. re: lynnlato

                                                                  It's making me hungry, too! Mmmmmmmmmmm!

                                                                  If I find out about the watermark thing, I'll post back. I know people who do it, so should not be hard to learn how.

                                                                  EDIT: Here is a final answer...brought to you by my friend and fellow blogger Mary, who shared it from her site:

                                                                2. re: kattyeyes

                                                                  with photoshop, using a logo or text, just modify the opacity of the image to be watermarked

                                                            2. re: lynnlato

                                                              You should have snapped one of her, and had it printed up at Kinko's/Fed-X to be presented, when she left.

                                                              I guess that I am just jaded, and so very highly critical of any of my photographs, but perhaps I need to get over that.