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Nov 27, 2009 08:23 PM

Double Homicide at Burger King

It had been quite some time since I had set foot (or tire) in (or through) a local Burger King. Recent reading through Chow Boards and had left with me with the knowledge that the double cheeseburgers were now just a buck, and a new product called a "cupcake milkshake" existed.

So I figured I'd pop in and kill two birds with one stone.

The double cheeseburger was, in a word, insulting. I'm fully aware that fast food products never come out looking like their pictures, but this was just criminal. There was a good half inch of bun hanging excessively past the meat around the entire circumference of the burger. The pictures show it with two slices of cheese - I received only one. The ketchup and mustard was haphazardly "spat" on, while the pickles were piled one on top of the other so that they were all, unfortunately, delivered into my mouth during one unsatisfying bite. The bread was stale, the "meat" was dry, the condiments were sparse, and I didn't have the stomach to go beyond four bites. I didn't even disrespect my dog enough to bring the leftovers home to her.

Moved on to the "cupcake shake" and was driven to dry heaves. The entire concoction was served up with a giant straw, implying super thickness, or chunks of something (cake perhaps?)
Instead, the overly sweetened, viscous, yellow liquid reminded me of the bile my aforementioned dog coughs up on an empty stomach when she's protested her healthy kibble for days. I couldn't tolerate more than one mouthful.

Both items headed for the trash, as I ran for my car, and the window clings of the pale vampire and the hispanic werewolf stared at me coldly from the storefront.

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  1. recent reviews of the milkshake from other CHers. their experiences weren't quite as dissatisfying as yours, but they didn't exactly rave about it:

    1. The food at fast food joints can be edible when it's actually just been prepared to order; during lunch hour rush, at the post club post 2 AM weekend rush at Taco Bell, etc.

      But if you go in during lulls, forget it. I stepped into a taco bell mid afternoon. They had many rows of tacos lined up under heat lamps. Obviously, they had been prepped quite some time ago, and obviously, very few people were lined up (just myself to be exact), so whoever was subject to that food was going to be disappointed.

      If you had to do the right thing, you'd avoid this garbage altogether. If you prefer your slop closer to edible rather than as a tool to help one regurgitate, go during peak hours: typically a weekday lunch hour.

      1. well what do you expect when you walk into burger king with a negative attitude. i went and got 3 double cheeseburgers, and loved every last bite. i got 2 slices of cheese, and good tasting patties. i do agree that the bun is to big for the burger, but the burgers weight is 1/4 pound anyway, so a bigger bun just means more bread for me, which is a better value anyways. 1/4 pound meat, 2 slices kraft cheese,filling bread for 1 dollar. can you really complain? also it tastes real, not like mcdonalds. i was happy with my choiuce.

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        1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

          Actually, I walked into Burger King with the opposite of a "negative attitude", RCTripleFresh5.

          I am a huge fan of the McDonalds Double Cheeseburger. I fall into the category of folks that pay extra for the "original" (the product with two slices of cheese) and I avoid the "McDouble" at all costs.

          So naturally, I was looking forward to BK's $1 double with two slices of cheese and perceived awesomeness from the "flame broiling".

          I order my McD's doubles with no ketchup, no pickles and extra mustard. And almost every time, they are assembled well, and perfectly delicious for $1.19 (sometimes higher if I'm in a major city). I had honestly really hoped that BK was giving McD's a run for their money to spur competition and possibly get McD's to lower their prices. But when the product over at BK is so inferior, why would they bother?

          1. re: kkachurak

            try a different burger king. i mean, my double cheeseburgers were extremely cheesy. it had atlewast 2 slices, and it was melted well on all 3 of them!

            im glad you're not one of those people who say ''id rather have a mcdouble than a double cheeseburger. one less fake piece of cheese''
            i hate those guys ha. but honestlly .19 or .29 cents is a lot for an extra slice of cheese.

            i feel your pain though, one time i got two angus burgers fro mmcdonalds and they both only had one slice of cheese and soggy patties. i check everytime now, that they have two.

            1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

              Good point! Burger Kings do vary in the quality of the food served. Going while they are busy is tech. But I decided about two weeks ago to try some super secret tech. I ordered a double cheeseburger and my friend ordered two double cheeseburgers with no catsup mustard or pickles. You can guess what happened. His were piping hot and fresh while mine was barely warm. Next time I go to any fast food place I'm planning on special ordering even if I like the item as is. I can always add my own ketchup. Unless, of course, the place is jumping.

              1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

                I've had many McD double cb's over the years, and just tried my first BK double cb the other day. I liked the BK one better. More and better cheese, better tasting burger, and fresh onions instead of those strange reconstituted ones they use at McDs.

                The McD double cb seems to have a more processed taste in general -- the meat tastes of beef flavoring or something. Neither one comes close to a Double Double at In n Out, but the BK dcb is pretty good for a quick, cheap meal. I look upon McD's burgers as more of a last resort.

            2. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

              Sorry, 'tastes real, not like mcdonalds?'

              You've got to be kidding me. Burger King burgers taste exactly like propane smells, and if that's 'real,' then beef is our next fuel source.

            3. Where i live the bun is flush with the burger patties. I try not to eat fast food much, but i have to admit I enjoyed it. I wish they would bring back the chicken Italiano or whatever they call it.

              1. The original comment has been removed