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Nov 27, 2009 08:11 PM

Best French napoleon dessert in Yonge/Bloor area?

Best French napoleon dessert in Yonge/Bloor area?

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  1. Do you mean a mille-feuille? Pusateri's in Yorkville probably has them, but I can't vouch for them personally.

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      I tried the mille-feuille made by Rahier from Pusateri's. It is pretty good. The cream is smooth and not too sweet. The pastry to cream ratio is nice as well.

    2. Sadly, my favourite Napoleon in Toronto to-date is the one they serve at Marché.
      My favourite Mille-feuille would be what used to be tea-time at The Prince Hotel, but that was umpteen years ago and is probably coloured by nostalgia more than anything else.

      Here are my descriptions of the two pastries:
      Napolean - two layers of pastry sandwiching a fat layer of pastry cream. Usually dusted with icing sugar.
      Mille-feuille - Several alternating layers of pastry and pastry cream and a white-sugar and chocolate striped top

      I prefer the Napolean.

      Marche Restaurants
      42 Yonge, Toronto, ON M5E1X8, CA

      1. I used to buy Napoleons at a bakery in the Colonnade. But that was eons ago and I'm not sure if the bakery is there anymore.

        1. Although not exactly in Yonge/Bloor area, but simply the best napoleon dessert - a true mille-feuille - you can find in Napoleon Bakery in North York at 1126 Finch Ave West Unit 4 (Dufferin/Finch). You can also place an order ahead of time (15-20min is usually enough to buy a fresh-cut napoleon) - 416 398 4533.

          1. Marc Thobor makes an incredible mille feuille. Simply outstanding. Its the whole package.

            627 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA