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Nov 27, 2009 07:19 PM

Leaf lard

Can anyone help me find any sources for leaf lard in the New York City area?
Mail order sources would be helpful too.

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  1. Greenmarket vendors who sell pork usually have leaf lard - not necessarily on display, you sometimes need to ask for it.

    1. Flying Pigs Farms sells it rendered or raw at the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket in Park Slope on Saturdays. I'd bet they sell at other markets during the rest of the week. It's seems a bit pricey at $6 / lb rendered so you could probably find it cheaper.

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        The Flying Pigs Farm leaf lard is superb. I use it for pie crust and cooking. Just a touch will give tremendous flavor to stir-fried vegetables.

      2. Frank's Butcher Shop in the Chelsea Market has it all the time!